TFG in Chastity, Rubber Sleepsack, and gratdelay’s Playspace

So gratdelay has a fun little space.  Here’s some of his gear and bed.  I liked the rope web above it.

But the very cool surprise… he let me wear his Carrara chastity belt.  This baby is from Germany, and costs $1200 USD.  So it was quite an honor to wear it.  It also insured I wasn’t going to enjoy myself too much, so to speak.

If I’m not mistaken, this exact model is a bit older, and not offered anymore.  But there are similar ones still available.  It was comfortable, but I only wore it for about an hour or two, and I didn’t get to wear it under clothing, so I have no real long term knowledge.

He wasn’t quite done with me.  Since his vac bed was broken, I spent a bit of time in a rubber sleepsack and gasmask.  And that vibram appeared again.  Urrrrhhhhmmmmm..

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