Where I’m at now, blog-wise

So to be perfectly honest, I have not gotten that far into a new, self-hosted blog.  I got a host, and was nearly immediately confused.  FTP?  php?  MySLQ?  My God.  This was part of the reason I stopped doing a website in the first place.

Then I sort of realized that I was probably making it a lot harder than I thought, as nowadays, they make it much easier to do a wordpress blog, due to quick installs, etc.  Unfortunately, by the time I realized that, I’m about to head out of town for a work trip for about the next 6 days.  So I’m not really going to get to work on it at all in the near future.
So in the meantime, I will continue posting here, but with an erratic schedule.  I’ll post for a few days, then take a few days off, the post, then not.  So continue to check in, because I don’t want the site to go completely stagnant.
I also made one semi-big mistake concerning my secondary blog, Captured Heroes.  It turns out that the domain name captureheroes.com is already taken.  So I had to create a new domain name.  I did that pretty easily, but not at the same place I’m hosting (because I wanted all my domain names registered in one place–that was the theory).  That’s fine, but as many of you more tech people already knew (but I didn’t), you have to wait 60 days before transfering a domain name.  So I guess I’ll be keeping that blog on blogspot for quite a while longer.  But I will work on moving it.
In the meantime, if you see this site go down abruptly in about a week or so, you’ll know I’m working on it.  🙂  But until then, enjoy a semi-random series of updates and posts.

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