A day at the museum

So I recently went to the Getty.  It’s a pretty famous museum out here in Los Angeles, set up on a hill.  It’s quite stunning even just architecturally and from a gardens point of view.  The exhibits can be hit and miss in my opinion, but are getting better (I’m just not very into older Greek, American, or European arts, which is it’s specialty.  I’m more of a modern sort of guy.)

Of course, being in sunny Southern California (SoCal for the locals), there’s a lot of flip flop action.  It was sometimes difficult to keep an eye on the intended artwork, but here’s a fun sample of sexy feet from just one day.

The ultra sexy feet and legs of this very tanned, brunette surfer started off my day.  I was lucky to get as many shots of him as I did.  I was quite happy.  His feet and toes are nearly an ideal proportion, shape, and thickness to me.  I wanted to suck, smell, and lick them so badly!

This was a taller, lanky short haired geeky guy.  But huge feet, for you size guys out there.  Only one pic, but it was memorable.

These next pics were the son(s) of a German couple.  The older son in the plaid shorts had the much cuter feet, IMO.  He shuffled around much of the day taking lots of pictures, and stretched his toes quite a bit.  Again, I was lucky to catch quite a few pics of him.

This next pic wasn’t actually at the museum… I ran off to grab lunch elsewhere.  But this blonde surfer college stud was awaiting me.

And to prove to you I did actually edu-makate myself and not just leer at male feet all day, here’s a pic of the famous museum gardens.  Those little specks are people, so that may give you a sense of scale of the grounds.

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