Flops close ups

“Hey, bro, sorry if my feet stink. Do they smell?”  He holds his flopped foot up to your face, wriggling toes.

You feign disgust.  “Phew!  That’s gross!”  But you can feel your cock getting hard in your pants….

“Dude… I dare you to suck my toe.  C’mon, suck it.”

“No way!”  Suddenly salivating.  But he can’t know that.

“I’ll give you $5.  Do it.”

“Give me the money first.”

Pulls the bill out of his pocket.  “It’s here.  Get on the floor, on all fours.  Then I’ll slide both of my big toes in your mouth.”

You can barely act disgusted.  You tell yourself not to look too eager…

“I think you’re enjoying this too much.  Let me slip outta these, so you can suck on all my toes.  And this time, I think you have to pay me, fag…”

“Hey, guys!  This guy likes sucking on guy’s feet!  Come ‘ere!  And you… put your head right in the middle.  You won’t be going anywhere for a while.”

Happy Feet Friday, footslaves!

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