Reader Contribution: David

David is a pretty special guy around here.  He’s into bondage, feet, lycra, and gunge.  Pretty much hits every major facet of this blog.  While he’s played with gunge before, he’d never been properly tied up or done foot worship.  That had to be corrected.

The setting:  a vacant house.  Which is pretty kinky in itself.  Although it was so new, there wasn’t any water, power, or furniture.  So talk about an abduction fantasy.

At the start, there was the usual discussion about limits, and what each person was looking for.  He seemed a bit nervous, but eager to try.  As we talked, I walked over to the bag I had brought with me, and got out my trusty leather collar and leash.  After putting it on him, he was ordered to kiss my sneakers.  Further instructions had him remove them, giving each one a good whiff.  Asked if they were smelly, he said, “Yeah.”  I tugged at the leash, and said, “Yes, what?”  To which he sheepishly replied “Yes Sir.”  Clearly, he would need more training.  But he did seem willing to learn.

Putting the shoes down, the slave was ordered to his knees, and to put his hands behind his back.  The Master stood up, held up his socked foot, and mashed it into his slave’s face.  The slave instinctively took long, deep whiffs, as if he couldn’t get enough.  Perhaps the fact the socks hadn’t been washed in days contributed to his delights.  Under instructions, he kissed the socks, licked them, and sucked them.

Needing to return to my bag to obtain wrist and ankle restraints, he was ordered to all fours, and to bury his face in my sneakers–which were smelly.  The restraints were placed on his wrists and ankles as his face smothered deep into the shoes. Not quite satisfied with just smelling them, he was told to lick the insides of the shoes clean.  After being corrected with another “Yes Sir”, he complied.  But for not learning how to reply quickly enough, I stood up and stepped on his head, forcing his face deep into the reeking shoe.

Time to bind him.  He was commanded to lie face down on the floor, and he found the restraints all joined the with rope, tightening them into a hogtie, and exposing his own smelly feet.  Master sat in front of him on the floor, and pushed both of his socked foot under his face.  Immediately he took long deep breaths.

“Do you like that?”


More tugs on the leash.

“Yes Sir.”

“I bet you want to take off those socks.”

“Yeah… Sir.”

Still hogtied, the slave was pushed on his side.  My socked foot rubbed in his face.  He had to remove it with his mouth.  It was pulled up in sections, beginning with the heel.  After each part, he was rewarded with kissing the part of my foot he exposed.  Heel… sole… ball… toes.  But just before he could taste it, the sock was grabbed and stuffed in his mouth.  Only then did he find my bare foot rubbing into his face.  All over it it.  But after a long tease, the Master took pity on him, and removed the sock.  The bare foot was pressed into his face.  At first, he was only permitted to kiss it.  Then he was given the privilege to lick it.  At first he did short licks.  I tugged at the leash again.

“Nice long licks.  I want to feel your tongue.”

“Yes Sir,” he gasped.

He was learning.

There was still another sock to go.  But he was changed to a new bondage position first.  It was time for the Master to enjoy his feet.  Bound crouched over, he was then pushed onto his back, raising his feet in to the air.  Master took his time sampling them all over.  When he was finished, he went back to his slave, putting his other socked foot in his face.  Slave used his mouth to pull it off, and he immediately was forced to worship it.  Each toe has to be thoroughly cleaned by his mouth.  Then all 5 toes filled his mouth.  Master’s foot was so wet, he cruelly wiped it on all over his slave’s face.

“You’re just a worthless foot wash to me.”

“Yes Sir.”

Each time, it was being said with more confidence.

Final scene.  The slave found himself encased in a lycra sleepsack, with a blindfold spandex hood pulled over his head.  Slaves assured he couldn’t see anything.  Master was quite pleased at seeing his slave so encapsulated.

“You’re just a mouth to me, slave.  And you’re going to lick and kiss whatever I put next to it, aren’t you?”

“Yes Sir.”  Although a bit more uncertain this time.

More feet to suffer through.  More shoes to clean.  And taking advantage of the slave’s blindness, Master stripped.  He pressed his knees against the slave’s head.  “I’m naked, slave.  Locked up, but naked.  And you’re going to kiss my cocktube.”

He did, but this broke the slave.  He had had enough this time.  More would have to happen on another day…

For the record, this slave is very into gunge, which didn’t get to happen due to their being no water.  But one day, that may happen.  We’ll keep you posted if it does…

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