Blog Status: Still in a holding pattern

I know there haven’t been any updates about this in a while.  I’ve been traveling a lot out of town lately, so I haven’t really been able to spend the time on getting a new blog ready as I’d like to.  I am still working on it.  Currently, I’m awaiting a transfer of the domain name to the new host.  Hopefully not long after that, I can get at least a basic blog going, even if it’s not the final look or layout of the blog.

So again, if you notice any pauses on postings or possible downtime/missing site, it may mean I’m working on things.  In the meantime, I will post intermittently here for as long as I can.  It may not be daily, but it will be at least a few times a week.

I want to thank all of the very kind people that have followed me on twitter, written me, or in some cases, texted me.  It’s been quite a delight teasing and tormenting so many of you.  I do have a lot of original content that I’m saving up, in the hopes that I can debut it on the new blog.  I haven’t forgotten about the two tickle twinks I tied together or the lycra slave.  To that I’m also going to add a very hot story about SBS_justin (who I still chat with from time to time), as well as a 19 yo blonde twink in Utah that I got to tie up.  You definitely want to stick around for that one.  I put a sample up on my tumblr, but I’ll tease you with a few more here.

See?  Told you you’d want to stick around.  There’s a lot more where that came from…

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