Day: August 10, 2013

Reader Contribution: FootPhanTom1001

So I have been “captivated” lately by a young and up and coming YouTube star, FootPhanTom1001.  And it was even cooler to hear that he’s been a big fan of the blog for a while.  He’s sent me some pics of his bound feet, his artwork, and an exclusive video!

So this video is unlisted, which means it can only be seen if you’re given the link.  But you, dear readers, have been given the link, and you may enjoy to your heart’s content below.  Just know if you try to search for this video on the YouTube site, you won’t find it.  Not even on his own channel.

Hope you enjoy as much as I have.  Pics below, as well as his artwork.

This final Robin pic was an exclusive just for me.  Very, very hot.