An Update to the Update: I ain’t dead yet!

So the latest news, in short:  my emails (both and are back up and running again.  They were down for about 5-7 days once the domain name transfer happened.  I totally forgot that those emails were connected to my old server, so it took me a while to figure that out!  So if you wrote me in the last week and I never responded or it got bounced back to you, please try again.

And as you can see, my blog is back!  Now, this is still the old blog.  Nothing has changed yet, except the location of the domain name.  It’s currently on the new server.  For you, the reader, it appears as if nothing’s happened.  But there’s been much work and effort behind the scenes, believe me.  This allows me to now begin creating a new blog that will be entirely self-hosted on the new server, giving more more freedom that I could get on blogger.

Of course, I’m also super busy at work, so to be honest, it may be a while before a new blog goes up.  There were a post or two that did go up while the domain name was down, so feel free to catch up with those.  And I’ll still try to post a bit off and on in the meantime to keep you entertained.  I have been promising new original pics of tied twinks for a while, so perhaps I’ll tease you with a few to keep you entertained.

In the meantime, you can now see why it’ll be good to keep tabs on my twitter in case the site goes down again.  I was posting updates there, so my followers were aware of what was happening to the blog.  I also want to thank Google Blogger Closes Gay Blogs, who posted about me when I wrote them and alerted them to my situation.  Just to clarify, google did not shut me down (yet, anyway).  The site was down while my domain name was transferred, and it just took a while (a really long while, if you ask me) for the DNS to redirect.

The process may be slow, but I am working on it!  Glad to be back!

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