Posts resuming shortly, TFG pics

Well, now that the domain name and my email service are restored, I’m just too darn busy to really get started on a new blog!  I’m going to try, but work has just been exceptionally busy lately.

So in the meantime, I have at least one more week’s of posts beginning on Monday.  After that, I’ll post on occasion here until I have things ready (or at least ready enough).  Maybe not daily, but enough to keep you all around, lol.

In case the site goes down again because I’ve screwed up the domain name or other such drama, keep track of what’s going on via my twitter.

In the meantime, how about a few teaser pics of me?  I actually took a set like this sometime ago, but I had used toy handcuffs.  I assure you now, these are the real thing.  Hope you enjoy.

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