Month: September 2013

TFG Update: New blog is actually happening!

So I’ve finally been hard at work on a new blog template.  I’m really liking it a lot, even though it’s quite a different color scheme.  But it looks very updated and modern, and I can’t wait to show it off.

But in creating it, I’m realizing there’s a lot of work to be done in reformatting, updating links, and just general tweeks.  I think if we’re lucky, it could be up sometime in mid to late October, possibly sooner.

The wild card here is my personal life.  Work and other family commitments may be taking up a big chunk of my free time, and thus give me less time to work on getting the new blog finalized.

One thing I can say… while I plan in importing all the old posts to the new blog, I do still intend to keep this blog open as an archive under its original name,  So you may want to bookmark that link in case you ever want to find any old posts, or I have any problems while the domain name changes.

I’m quite pleased with the progress so far.  In fact, I maybe 80% done.  But that final 20% is going to be much more detailed and time consuming.  But do prepare for a new look in the next few weeks!

Finally working on a new format!

So I have been talking about getting a new blog for quite a while.  I am finally many steps closer.

The biggest delay I was having was twofold.  One, I didn’t have much time.  In a way, that hasn’t changed, so it’s still going to be a fairly slow process.  But two, I was having some tech issues.  You see, I absolutely suck at (what is for many of you) simple things like Domain Name transfers, DNS, setting up accounts, and other such installations.  And it was taking me forever to get through the learning curve.

But I am now at a point where I have a fully functioning text blog up and running via WordPress.  It’s still in a beta stage, so now it’s all about getting the look and content I want… which I am much better about.  So I expect things to move more quickly now.

So this brings me to the point… since I am rebuilding a new blog, are the any particular features you’d like to see?  Or have removed?  Let me know!  Email or comment below.  I can’t promise anything, but I will do what I can.

TFG Early Infulences: Grapik Art/Tom Ropes McGurk

Back in the days before the internet (and yes, there were days without internet), all we kinky guys had to go off of were clubs, books, and magazines.  I was too young and intimidated with clubs, so it was books and magazines for me.  One of my first major kinky purchases was Bound & Gagged magazine.  That was a story onto itself (which may be a post for another day), but also contained within was a 2 page ad for Grapik Art videos (as in video cassettes… this is also before DVDs existed).

Wow, did these videos and their teaser pics have a hold over me!  I actually did order a number of them, and still have them.  It was my first look at what a BDSM scene looked like.  I was so turned on by the bondage, even if the tops weren’t always quite to my taste (Cougar Cash was probably the closest).  But often, the twink bottoms were enough.  They were usually barefoot, but sadly for me personally, glimpses at their feet were infrequent.

It also took me a while to realize that at the time, in order to skirt around pornography laws, the videos were carefully edited to avoid overt depictions of oral or anal sex.  I believe this changed later on, but really, for me, it wasn’t as much about the sex anyway.  Just the bondage and power exchange.

I still find many of the images quite hot.  I do wish there were more feet shots, and more on the humiliation and verbal.  But their large bank of videos must speak for something.

They are still around, and have a twitter account where they post many still pics of their vids.  They do post a lot and also repeat a lot, so I thought I’d post my personal favorite collection of pics from their twitter here.  Enjoy!