Current blog status

There must be something in the air.  I’ve heard from two other blogs that I follow (Leather.Bondage.Love and About Zentai, Spandex, Rubber, Leather & More/JiffyJimTime) that they may be thinking of calling it quits.  I certainly hope not, I enjoy both quite a bit.  But I can see what they mean… even I’m not quite feeling as motivated to blog anymore.

Part of it is pure business in my own life.  I have a number of large projects going on both work-wise and personally, and they’re taking up a lot of my energy.  So when I do get free time, I’m lazily surfing other blogs rather than working on my own.  Also, I really do want to create this new, self-hosted blog I’ve been talking about for way too long.  I’ve been holding on to a number of very hot posts for them to debut there.
This puts me in a bit of a limbo spot.  I have a lot of hot posts, but I want to save them for the new blog.  But I don’t have time to work on a new blog.  So what does that leave me with?
Well, there are still a lot of hot net pics out there.  And as you can see, I’m still getting a lot of hot reader submissions.  So I will plan to posting for as long as I can, and as long as I have time for.  I’ve set up posts for all this week.  But after that, it may once again get spotty, and I can’t promise daily updates.  And there’s a chance a week or so may pass before an update.
But I can say that at this point, I don’t plan on quitting.  Just maybe stepping back a bit until things calm down.  The bad news:  they may not calm down until November.  Ugh.

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