Month: October 2013



My personal favorite time of the year.  If you’ve been following my twitter, you’ll know that I’ve been going to a few haunted house events.  And there are some interesting displays of bondage and torture in a few of them.  Some are a bit gory, but if you can put that aside, they are kinda hot in their own way, too.

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I know a certain guy in Michigan who will enjoy these next two pics…

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Continuing a bit of the lighter side…

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TFG Thoughts: There’s more to life

I think one thing that can sometimes make the kink community a little intimidating is that is seems there’s a lot of people who seem to center their entire lives around it. Absolutely nothing wrong with that if that is what makes them happy. But I imagine for most of us, it’s just not possible.

I love kink. But really, it’s not what defines my life. If I had to break my waking time down, I’d estimate:

  • 15% is spent on blog related work (including creating posts, browsing pics, answering emails, twittering, etc.)
  • 40% is spent on my work/day job (this can be a lot more)
  • 20% is spent with my BF
  • 10% is spent just relaxing/vegging out/”me” time (this sometimes includes the BF)
  • 10% is spent pursuing my non-kinky hobbies (this also sometimes includes the BF)
  • 5% is spent with friends (non-kinky)/family


So, really… kinky stuff only defines about 15% of my life. That’s 85% of my life dedicated to other things. Okay, some things with the BF are kinky, but perhaps surprisingly, not as much as you may expect.  As you either know or suspect, sex is only a small part of a long term relationship.

Actually, now that I think of it, 15% of my life on just the blog and kinky contacts is a fairly significant chunk, especially when you compare it to my time spent with family and non-kinky friends.  It’s semi-depressing when I see they only get 5% of my life.  Part of it is my schedule, and part of it is geography… I’m literally not super close to my friends and family, and driving in LA is a huge pain, as you know.  Sometimes just going 10 miles can take an hour or more.

About how much of your life do you devote to kink?


SBS_justin’s slave training, Part 1

SBS_justin’s slave training, Part 1

A few of you long time readers may recall SBS_justin. He was an online twink slave of mine, and I christened him “SBS” for slave bitch slut, because he was very into being demeaned and humiliated. While we had a great run, at one point, he ran into some personal problems, and we lost touch. But lo and behold, we’ve reconnected, and while he’s a bit more cautious about things now (in fact, he had asked me to take down some of our earlier sessions that I had posted here… although perhaps I can talk him into putting them back up with a few changes), he wanted me to share with you one of his first real meets.

Now, his companion wished to remain anonymous, so he will just be referred to as Master.  It sort of turns out many planned ideas didn’t pan out, as SBS_justin wanted to play it safe.  For that, I don’t blame him, as this was essentially his first real life consensual scene.

In a bit of fantasy play, I’m skipping all the details I was told about the discussions, both kink and non-kink, and the frequent use of safety words as he tried new things.  I was assured they talked quite a bit, and established very clear limits for this meet.  Oh, and yes, all parties had been tested and were clean, so that wasn’t a worry.  I’m mostly going to concentrate on the kinky highlights.  Keeping in mind that they played very safe and communicated a lot during the session.

I’ve been a little tied up lately…

I’ve been a little tied up lately…

…although sadly, not the kind we all know and love.  Life and work have been keeping me busier than I realized.  Plus, I just discovered I need to be going out of town starting tomorrow through Monday.

I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to post anything for another week, but I was able to “cut and paste” draft blog posts that I had set up from the old blog (but not yet published) over to here.  So that means the posts are new, but are in the old Blogger format, so they won’t look as polished as future posts will be.  But I figure better that than nothing, right?

I do have one new treat for you, though.  Long time readers of the blog will recall one of my favorite and most dear cyber slaves, SBS_justin.  He and I shared some good times for a while.  Then he dropped out of site.  Well, I am please to announced he and I have been in contact again.  He does choose to remain a bit more private now, but he doesn’t mind me sharing a story he experienced with a Master he got to meet up with.  So I’ll be posting Part 1 of that adventure tomorrow.  He didn’t want any pics from the session posted, so it’s text only, but it was a hot time.  Well, there is one pic, and it is him wearing a series of collars.  You’ll see tomorrow.

So I’m going to run off now, get some old/new blogger drafts scheduled, come back from my trip, and prep some newer posts.  It’ll be quite hot, I assure you.

Oh, and now that I have a new blog, I guess I don’t have any reason to wait to start posting more pics from the sets that you see in my new header.  There’s more where they came from, you know.  But maybe I should all make you beg for them, like the slave you are.  Right, bois?

Welcome to the new blog!

Welcome to the new blog!

Quite a change, isn’t it? I hope you find it worth the wait! Hopefully if you are reading this, then everything (or nearly everything) worked, and my tech skills are improving.  If pics aren’t showing up or there are other glitches… well, then my skills may not be so great.  But if there are problems, rest assured I’d be working on them.  Just give me some time.

Much of the content is the same but all updated and improved, especially Links and my own TFG Gallery.  And one of my new favorite features is the new Contact Me page… you can now upload up to five images to send to me.  Also improved is the Search box on the top right & sidebar.  It works much better here than before, so as posts grow, you should be able to find things much more easily.  And another improvement will be Categories and Tags, which will allow me to get more specific in finding specific content on posts.  Categories are broad, such as Bondage, Feet, and Eye Candy.  Tags can be much more detailed.  So if you’re into piss or pits, I’ll mark those posts with a tag, and you should be able to find them more easily.  There’s not many yet, but they will get added to over time.

All the pics in the header are either of me or my work.  As you can see, I’ve been a busy guy.  And don’t worry, the posts those pics came from will be posted here in time.

The funny part is, I’ve been so busy putting the blog together, I didn’t get to create many new posts yet!  So it’ll be a couple of more days (maybe even a week) before I get to consistent posts.

I did have a few set up from the old one at blogger, which I may “cheat” and just cut and paste them over here… which does mean they weren’t specifically formatted for this blog, and the images will be smaller.  You will know when you get to the new posts, because they will have a photo header (as this one does), the pics will be much larger, and will all open up in their own lightbox.

Speaking of the old blog, I have imported about 98% of it.  There were about 20 posts out of over 1700(!) that didn’t carry over–I have no idea why, nor which posts they were, but if it means that much to you, search for them yourself.  I will keep the original blog up at for archival purposes, in case you miss it.

But as they said in the movie Hellraiser 2 (it is the month of Halloween, after all)… feel free to explore.  We have eternity to know your soul.



Stay tuned… new blog is on it’s way!

So my new self-hosted version of this blog is nearly ready to debut.  I currently have it at a fake domain name, so basically all I have to do is transfer it to this domain name, and I’m good to go!  But that may take a bit of time, and the site may go down or not be fully functional for a short period–could be a day, could be a week, depending on my tech skills (which are not great) and my free time (also not great).

I do plan on trying to import everything from this blog to there.  That doesn’t happen instantly, though, so in the meantime, I do intend to keep this blog up as an archive.  The address is  If anything does go wrong, get updates there or at my twitter.  Twitter is probably your best bet.

I’m keeping this post up all week to make sure everyone gets the message.  Plan on the new blog going up sometime during the weekend of October 19-20.

See you then!  Can’t wait to show you guys!

The teasing with TheUAJock continues

Just when I thought it was over.  He actually teased me with this at the beginning of summer.

Sadly, we didn’t get to meet up over the summer like we expected.  Things had been quite for a while, then I recently got these pics sent my way from You Know Who.

TheUAJock actually fairly rarely shows his feet, so I do consider myself lucky, actually.

For those of you who may not recall, I actually got to meet TheUAJock in person last summer.  Unfortunately we didn’t get to play, but we did get to hang out for a while, and we had a surprisingly good time.

We’ve been keeping in touch off and on.  In August, he offered to send me a pair of his UA socks.  He said he rarely gives anyone his UA, so that I should be honored (and believe me, I was).  And while he did say he likes to tease and be a jerk (his words, not mine–but who am I to disagree, lol), little did I know what I was getting myself into.  Beginning with this post back from October of last year, he began sending me pics of these socks being worn at various locations, and with other subs.  Teasing me with how much they smelled, and how other victims were enjoying them.  If you visit his Gear Fetish profile or blog, you’ll see quite a few pics with these same socks appearing in them.  Well, those are the socks are one day perhaps destined for me.  And it’s been well over a year of wear and use.  We’ll see if we can catch up next summer…