Things are actually happening! And WTF about FootGuys, anyway?

So I am having a total blast designing the new blog.  Really, the template is basically done, but there are a lot of final touches I want to add: links to update, formatting, galleries, etc.  I think I want this to look pretty done when I debut it.  I’m hoping for later this month.  But you will not be disappointed when it does happen, believe me.

I also have to say I have the greatest fans ever.  Not quite sure why now, but I’m getting some very kink praise from a few of you, not to mention a few gifts.  First off, can I say that I now have a copy of this fantastic book in my possession?  And, ahem, take a look at the quote on the back cover.

Did you read this back cover?

I did post about that to my twitter, but I’m still quite proud of it.  Never thought in my wildest dreams I’d ever be a quote on a book cover.  Pretty awesome!  And I also found myself being called an “industry leader” in his intro, which I didn’t know about until I opened up the book.  What a sly guy!

But James T. Medak deserves it.  You can find his book here, in print or Kindle, here.  And no, I do not make one penny from this link.  Just thought you’d be interested.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’m generally not as much of a tickle guy (thought I don’t mind tickling other tied up guys), but there’s still plenty of bondage, foot play, and Dom/slave play to get you off.  Just trust me.

On another note, and one I won’t linger on too much here because it’s more related to my other gear blog Captured Heroes, but I had recently asked if anyone know how I could get my hands on this pair of Robin underwear, which hasn’t been available since 2007.

Well, guess what?  Not only did a reader have them, but he sent them to me, along with the matching Batman outfit.  He didn’t want to be thanked publicly by name, but believe me, I do appreciate it.  Sadly I don’t have time to model them right away, but I hope to eventually.  The only thing I do have to say is that the fabric is way more sheer than it appears.  So, ah, if it shows a bit too much of myself, I may have to keep the pics private.  But in any case, thanks to my amazing readers!

I also was hunting for the pair below, and still no leads yet, so if anyone know one that still exists, I’d love to know.  I can wear either small or medium.  I’d prefer the prisoner pair, but the Master pair would be pretty great too.

*     *     *

The only other matter I’d like to mention is the passing of the social site.  Boy, it sure seems to be tough to get a foot social network going, isn’t it?  First was, now this.  Fortunately MaleFeetLover is still around, but I’ve never really cared for it’s format (also, my virus protection program often warns me that it may be a malicious site… does anyone else get that warning?).

There doesn’t seem to be any lack of customers.  But I think it’s also the victim of it’s own success.  So many people want to join, the costs of running it skyrocket.  So not unlike GearFetish, they had a free and subscriber version.  If you ask me, the difference between the two wasn’t very significant, so IMO, there wasn’t much incentive to be a subscriber (I believe the biggest difference is that videos were only available to subscribers, and you were able to upload more pics, right?).

Apparently, there weren’t enough subscribers to cover costs, so it was shut down.  In the webmaster’s defense, that’s a fair point.  Losing money every month combined with working to make the site happen is not a fun idea, so I can’t blame them.

What I am upset about is that we free users were given absolutely no notice about this, or even a hint there was trouble.  Perhaps if they had mentioned this in a gentle way, maybe more people could have subscribed, and this wouldn’t have to happen.  Unlikely, to be realistic, but they should have tried.  Also, I personally feel if they really wanted subscribers, they should have been a bit more limiting with the free profiles.  And I say that as a free profile participant.  They could have limited the number of friends, pics you could view, or number of profiles you could view a day.  Similar to GearFetish or Recon.  The trick is to create a free version that lets you explore enough to see, but also enough to see how much better it could be if you subscribed.  Neither nor FootGuys got that right.

I don’t know if I could do any better, and right now, I wouldn’t have the time to do any better anyway.  But if anyone else out there is willing to try–and I hope there is–it’s something to consider.

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