Welcome to the new blog!

Quite a change, isn’t it? I hope you find it worth the wait! Hopefully if you are reading this, then everything (or nearly everything) worked, and my tech skills are improving.  If pics aren’t showing up or there are other glitches… well, then my skills may not be so great.  But if there are problems, rest assured I’d be working on them.  Just give me some time.

Much of the content is the same but all updated and improved, especially Links and my own TFG Gallery.  And one of my new favorite features is the new Contact Me page… you can now upload up to five images to send to me.  Also improved is the Search box on the top right & sidebar.  It works much better here than before, so as posts grow, you should be able to find things much more easily.  And another improvement will be Categories and Tags, which will allow me to get more specific in finding specific content on posts.  Categories are broad, such as Bondage, Feet, and Eye Candy.  Tags can be much more detailed.  So if you’re into piss or pits, I’ll mark those posts with a tag, and you should be able to find them more easily.  There’s not many yet, but they will get added to over time.

All the pics in the header are either of me or my work.  As you can see, I’ve been a busy guy.  And don’t worry, the posts those pics came from will be posted here in time.

The funny part is, I’ve been so busy putting the blog together, I didn’t get to create many new posts yet!  So it’ll be a couple of more days (maybe even a week) before I get to consistent posts.

I did have a few set up from the old one at blogger, which I may “cheat” and just cut and paste them over here… which does mean they weren’t specifically formatted for this blog, and the images will be smaller.  You will know when you get to the new posts, because they will have a photo header (as this one does), the pics will be much larger, and will all open up in their own lightbox.

Speaking of the old blog, I have imported about 98% of it.  There were about 20 posts out of over 1700(!) that didn’t carry over–I have no idea why, nor which posts they were, but if it means that much to you, search for them yourself.  I will keep the original blog up at tiedfeetguy.blogspot.com for archival purposes, in case you miss it.

But as they said in the movie Hellraiser 2 (it is the month of Halloween, after all)… feel free to explore.  We have eternity to know your soul.



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