SBS_justin’s slave training, Part 1

A few of you long time readers may recall SBS_justin. He was an online twink slave of mine, and I christened him “SBS” for slave bitch slut, because he was very into being demeaned and humiliated. While we had a great run, at one point, he ran into some personal problems, and we lost touch. But lo and behold, we’ve reconnected, and while he’s a bit more cautious about things now (in fact, he had asked me to take down some of our earlier sessions that I had posted here… although perhaps I can talk him into putting them back up with a few changes), he wanted me to share with you one of his first real meets.

Now, his companion wished to remain anonymous, so he will just be referred to as Master.  It sort of turns out many planned ideas didn’t pan out, as SBS_justin wanted to play it safe.  For that, I don’t blame him, as this was essentially his first real life consensual scene.

In a bit of fantasy play, I’m skipping all the details I was told about the discussions, both kink and non-kink, and the frequent use of safety words as he tried new things.  I was assured they talked quite a bit, and established very clear limits for this meet.  Oh, and yes, all parties had been tested and were clean, so that wasn’t a worry.  I’m mostly going to concentrate on the kinky highlights.  Keeping in mind that they played very safe and communicated a lot during the session.

He met Master at his hotel.  After chatting a bit, they decided to grab something to eat.  In the middle of the meal, Master showed him his iPhone, which had the following message typed on it:

Read this and obey

If we are in public, I have a list of 10 tasks for you to do.  They are listed in my iPhone, and I will show them to you as we go, anytime I please.  If you want to have any hope of cumming, you will do as many as you can within the next 24 hours, with me by your side as a witness.

Understand, slave?  Verbally respond with a quiet, “Yes, Master.”

He immediately had a bit of fear in his eyes, but you knew he was eager, too.  Master knew SBS_justin didn’t really like doing public stuff, but wanted to test him.  Also realize that he’d been in chastity for the last 16 days, which was a record for him by nearly a week.  So he wanted to cum pretty badly.  It was only after a moment’s hesitation, Master saw him look around (nobody was watching), and whisper the words that began to seal his fate.

Pleased, Master had prepared ten numbered notes, and essentially each task was more difficult than that last.  They were presented to him at various points during the rest of dinner.  They were:

  1. Lick your lips.
  2. Stick a finger in your mouth, up to the second knuckle.  Suck on it at least three times.
  3. Lick your finger, and rub that wet finger all over your face.
  4. “Accidentally” drool on yourself.
  5. Tear off a corner of the napkin and eat it.
  6. Lift your shirt up to the nipple.
  7. Put a hand down your pants.  Do your best to fondle your cock and balls.
  8. Give yourself a wedgie.
  9. Put your hands behind your back, wrists crossed, until otherwise instructed by your Master.
  10. Squat and put your hands on the floor, as if you tripped or dropped something.  Thank me under your breath.


Master made him do #1 a few times, as he wasn’t satisfied he licked them with enough intention.  #4 was probably the toughest one.  He really wasn’t able to drool.  So Master compromised a bit… he spit into his drink (and there was a glob in it), and had him suck it up with his straw.  #5 was a bit of a problem in that the napkins turned out to be cloth.  Fortunately, there was paper left over from the straws, so he was told that would have to do (which he did).  #10 was done on the way out of the restaurant, as he “accidentally” dropped his chapstick by the car.  In any case, Master was rather surprised and delighted he was able to accomplish all 10 during the course of the meal.  Master spit in his drink a few more times as a reward.

On the way back from the restaurant, they stopped by Target.  SBS_justin didn’t want to go in, as he knew many people there, and wanted to stay discrete.  So Master made him give money (he actually likes being told to pay for things–he paid for dinner as well), and had him wait in the back seat of his own car while Master shopped.  If there weren’t such a crowd, Master would have been tempted to put him in the trunk, but it was also very hot outside, so it probably wouldn’t have been safe anyway.

Supplies bought, we went back to the room.  After more chat, Master had him strip of his clothes, so that he could inspect him, and check the numbered lock matched on his CB, and had him kneel.

Master had some various collars for him, as well as a leash.  Master immediately had him crawl around to be his footstool, and then had him force worship my shoes and socks.  They were extremely smelly.  The shoes were very old, and the socks hadn’t been washed for at least three weeks.  They were pretty rancid.  Too much for him to bear, as it turned out.  But he had to suffer regardless.

Master eventually had him breathe in his socks even more, and then had slave write his name on duct tape to be gagged with.

Master had him lie on the bed, and he straddled his face.  He removed the duct tape gag and replaced it with his underwear, and sat on his face again, where Master proceeded to instruct him to moan until he shot a load on his boi chest, and become the cumdump he was meant to be.  Master shot all the way to his slave’s crotch, and had a nice pool of cum on his chest.

But just because Master shot a load didn’t mean he was done with him.  Master did not allow him to wipe it off, and instead bound him up spread eagle and barefoot for more abuse, still in Master’s dried cum.  But that will have to wait for next time..


See Part 2 here.

By the way, if you like his collars, you can get them here.

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