Day: November 2, 2013

SBS_justin’s slave training, Part 2

SBS_justin’s slave training, Part 2

Continuing from earlier…

Once Master shot his load on his worthless slave, it was left to dry on him as he was spread eagled to the bed for further abuse.  Here’s where He really got to see his tender boi feet.  They weren’t too smelly, but they were very soft and tender.  Just ripe to be abused, touched, and licked.  It turns out he’s quite ticklish.  I don’t think he’s turned on by tickling, but his Master had to have his way for just a bit.

While bound, the Master decided to be an ultimate tease.  Since this slave had never had his dick sucked, Master decided to do so.  Too bad his chastity cage was still on at the time, or else he would have enjoyed it.

But enough of the teasing.  Time to torment the slave.  He had brought over 10 clips, and they were used and moved all around his body.  Master managed to get all 10 on his nips.  By then, Master’s cum had dried up over slave’s chest.

Eventually, Master took pity on the boi’s chastity, and removed the cage.  Of course, he immediately held the stinky cock cage against the slave’s nose to breathe in.  But slave had earned some actual cock sucking, and he eventually shot his load.  As it turned out, this ended the first evening together.

But he was back for more the next day, and this was Master’s favorite part of the session.

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