TFG Exclusive: Tickle Twinks Times Two, Part 1

Guess you’ve all been waiting long enough, haven’t you?  Got some very hot pics to share.  And not just of one twink, but two.  How can you argue that? Now, I have said before that I’m not all into tickling.  And for the most part, that’s true.  However, I am open to it a lot more if I’m the ticklee.  And there’s two hot guys like this willing to submit. Part 1 of this set is a bit of a lie, because it begins only with Tickle Twink #1.  Tickle Twink #2 came by a little later.  You can see how things began…

TFGtickletwinks (2)
A certain Dman will note the feather duster.

TFGtickletwinks (8)TFGtickletwinks (3)TFGtickletwinks (4)TFGtickletwinks (5)TFGtickletwinks (6)TFGtickletwinks (7)TFGtickletwinks (9)TFGtickletwinks (11)TFGtickletwinks (12)TFGtickletwinks (13)TFGtickletwinks (14)

In terms of gear, I used some basic leather restraints, blindfold, leather plug gag, and open mouth spandex hood.

I believe it was about here where Tickle Twink #2 entered.  He was immediately ordered to the closet to strip, and when he emerged… well, you’ll just have to see next week, won’t you?