TFG Thoughts: My ropework is improving!

Slowly but surely. I’m certainly still no expert (partially because I don’t practice enough–any volunteers?), but it’s better than it was.

I actually tied my BF the other night. I bound his wrists behind his back. Then with a separate rope, bound his biceps together, and wound the ends around and through his shoulders, creating a mini bulldog style harness. I then took the leftover ends from his wrists and pulled them up to the bicep tie. It didn’t look so bad if I do say so myself, save for the knot on the bicep tie being quite a bit off center.

I wasn’t quite done, though. I rolled him on to his side, and joined another rope through the front of the harness and through, then down to his cock and balls, which I tied off.

He did end up shooting quite a load in this position, all the way up to his shoulders! And neither one of us are typically distance shooters, so that was quite impressive.

In a slight change of pace, after he came, I decided to jerk myself off. I had an old unwashed and very reeking sock that I held over my nose while I lied back. I untied my BF and he laid down next to me, but with his head towards my feet. Now, he doesn’t have a foot fetish, nor were his feet smelly. But they were soft, so he mashed one foot into my balls, and put the other one on my face, grinding my malodorous sock deep into my face and nose. There was no escaping its fumes. Let’s just say I came rather quickly myself.

I did take pics, but my BF is very private, so they will not be appearing here. But I thought you’d enjoy the story.