Day: November 30, 2013

Other items of interest for your kinky holiday shopping

Few other things I’ve run across that piqued my interest.

From Mr. S, fitted fuck sheets.  If you’re anything like my partner and I, even more than kinky, we are neat freaks.  And it’ll be great to be able to just play and not have to worry about any messes to clean up later on that we may have to sleep on, lol.  Sadly, I’m not really kidding.  🙂


Next up, this Raw Dog V 2.0 from Fort Troff.  Somehow I missed the first version, but this seems to be a dildo that you can basically fuck while it’s inside your partner.  A very interesting premise that I’m a bit curious to explore.

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The last one is a bit of a trivia note, but I thought you’d enjoy hearing it.  If you liked my last posts about the two tickle twinks, just realize that my inspiration for their little adventure was from the story The Master from the first volume of James T. Medak’s series of books (How to be a Tickle Slave, if you want to be specific).  I’m still working my way through the other two, but if you are a reader of this blog, I think you’d enjoy them.  As I’ve said before, I’m not as much a tickling sort of guy (although the role of tickler is something I certainly don’t mind), but there is plenty of bondage, foot worship, and slave/humiliation play to be had for all.  And I’m just saying this as a friend… I get no money or profits from the purchases of his books (available in both print and Kindle).  Thought I’m still quite proud to be quoted on the back cover of his latest book.  See for yourself!