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David Henrie
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Devon Bostick
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Elijah Wood
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Patrick Schwartzenegger
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Tom Daley
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Dave Franco

David Chokachi

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By the way, I couldn’t be happier for Tom Daley’s recent news!  I know some are being critical because he’s denied before, and hinted more at bisexuality.  But come on… he’s 19.  Can you remember your own teen years, struggling to figure out yourself?  It’s a personal issue already fraught with self-doubt, acceptance, worries about friends and family, and more.  Now imagine going through it under the microscope of world-wide media attention.  When I first came out in my mid 20s, I claimed I was bisexual too.  Turns out I was still in some self-denial.  Now, he may in fact be truly bisexual, and if so, that’s still okay with me.  Either way, give him a break.  I think it was very brave for him to do at his age.  Kudos to him.

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