1D & the Beiber

I don’t have a lot of feelings about 1D one way or another, although I do find many of them cute.  As a person, I kinda think Justin Beiber is jerk… but he is pretty to look at, and his bratiness can make it more interesting imagining putting him in his place privately.  And I can’t deny I do like his feet.

Justin Bieber training barefoot justin-bieberJustin Bieber beach surfboard


Sniffing Foot(One Direction-Our Direction) - 1 zaynmalik2Liam-Payne-Sighting-at-the-Beach-in-Sydney-02 louis_tomlinson_feet_by_tickletk_d6r4aat_1385636328 Niall Horan - singertumblr_mr44kip1Dl1svalfuo1_500

Oh, and because you’ve been so patient, how about a little bit of Nick Jonas?

ScreenShot2013-11-15at103216PM.png~original ScreenShot2013-11-15at103430PM.png~original

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