TFG Thoughts: Turn Offs

I’d say I’m a pretty open minded kinky guy.  And most kinky gay men seem to be pretty receptive to new fetishes, even if they’re not necessarily their own.  But everyone has their hard limits.  Typically, they’re fairly obvious ones:  blood, mutilation, scat (though I do know scat has it’s fans).

I certainly do respect nearly all kinds, provided they are mutually consensual (which does eliminate any child/underage related stuff–that is not consensual).  Even if they’re not my thing.  And I’m generally willing to try nearly anything.  Ass play is not a favorite of mine, but I do indulge from time to time.  I’ve never been properly whipped or flogged (nor even improperly, for that matter), but I’d be open to it.  I’ve also never drank any one else’s piss, but I’m not against watersports if the conditions are right.

However, not all kinks are for everybody.  I love CBT, and having my balls crushed or pulled.  But I got an email from one reader who actually gets physically ill from seeing pics like that.

I’d say aside from the same obvious limits of blood, mutilation, scat, and underage, I only have one major line in the sand:  sounding.  I almost can’t even look at it.  Sort of makes me cringe.  I certainly don’t think any less of people who do it… but it’s not for me.  I just get no pleasure from it, not even in the abstract.

What turn offs do you have?

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