Reader submission: footslave22

A small conversation

TFG:  There you are, you little slave.
footslave22hello sir
TFG:  Enjoying your summer so far?
footslave22i am. sorry i havent been in contact recently…
TFG:  I kinda figured. At least by now, your socks must be super rank. 
footslave22they were. they got lost in the laundry a few days ago as [redacted] was loading our hampers into the car, but they really were. guess i need to start over now
TFG:  Damn, slave, that’s too bad. You bet you need to start over.
TFG:  Perhaps there should be a penalty punishment for you as well, lol
footslave22:  i agree
TFG:  Good
TFG:  I like an agreeable slave
TFG:  I think whatever socks you wear shouldn’t ever leave your body
TFG:  Wear them as much as you can, 24/7 if possible
TFG:  If you don’t wear them at night, or wear flip flops, shove them into your underwear
TFG:  (One exception: shower/bathing–even I’m not quite that cruel)
footslave22:  i can do that
TFG:  Good
TFG:  I’m tempted to limit your jerking off, too… but maybe we’ll wait on that
footslave22ill stop jerking off for you sir
footslave22if thats what you want
TFG:  Yes
TFG:  You need to be punished
footslave22yes sir
TFG:  How often do you normally jerk off, left to your own devices?
footslave22normally once a day. every once in a while ill skip a few days, and sometimes ill go twice a day. but usually just once
TFG:  No more jerking off for the rest of this week.
TFG:  If you appease me with a tempting pic, I may reduce that
TFG:   Because I’m not sure how much I trust you not to jerk off
footslave22i promise sir
TFG:  We’ll see. If you feel a need to jerk off, email or text me and beg and plead, and we’ll see if I show you any mercy
footslave22yes sir, thank you

Later on, I emailed him my first major task for him:

Pull your shoes and socks off with your mouth & teeth at the end of the day.  Get on all fours and sniff each one like a dog.  Breathe in every stench.  Bury your face deep into that shoe.  Lick the insole as best you can.  Take it, bitch.  Then chew on your socks.  Gag yourself on one (and remember, you’re still on all fours), and then bury your nose in the other.

Finally, worship your own feet.  Kiss and lick them.  Get them wet.  Drool and spit on them if necessary… I want to see them glisten.  The entire sole, and each toe.  Then, when it’s nice and wet, wipe it all off on your face.  Do not clean off your face.  You will sleep with your face in foot-encrusted spit all night.  In the morning, still feeling that dried and crusted foot spit on your face, may you jerk off.  Shoot a load on to your foot, sock, or sock, and lick it up.
Here’s a few of the highlights from that experience.  He did worship his feet, but it showed a bit too much of his face, so you’ll just have to trust me on that one.
Photo 105 Photo 113 Photo 117 Photo 118 Photo 119

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