No Safe Word podcast

I’m a guy that enjoys listening to podcasts, but usually in short bursts.  My commute to work isn’t too far, so I usually listen in 20 minute chunks.  If I have longer podcasts, I tend to save them for longer trips.

Well, finally, I had enough long trips to get in a number of episodes from No Safe Word.  And if you haven’t listened already, please do so!

Full disclosure, Sparky has been a big supporter of both of my blogs, as I to his.  But usually just read his blog, and I admittedly hadn’t lisented to a lot of the podcasts until recently.

First of all, they are informative, and hit a wide variety of topics.  Including a few guys I look up to, namely Metalbond and Loki, who were recently guests.  And in fact, I was quite surprised to hear my Captured Heroes blog (located here for now, but it will be moving soon) got a small mention on Metalbond’s episode!

Secondly, and most importantly to me, they demonstrate a sense of humor and humanity to kink.  Yes, looking at kinky pics is very hot.  As are the videos.  But what’s so hard to convey in a blog, be it pic or video, or even a written blog to a certain degree, is that there is a regular guy behind it all.  They have to work a day job like the rest of us, have regular problems, and while kink is very hard wired in to them, it’s not 24/7.  Sessions and playtimes are just a one aspect of a life that has a lot more behind it.

Thirdly, I just have to admire people that put so much time and effort into giving back and educating the community.  And I know how much work it is just to do a blog, so I really can’t even imagine what it takes to do weekly hour long podcasts.  It’s clear they really are enjoying what they do, and it’s important to support that.  Give give them a listen and tell them I sent them your their way!


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