Reader Submission: SmellTheFeet

Got this as an email:

“Master, i’m sending you pictures, i’d be so honored if You would choose my pathetic self. Please, pretty please. i’d cherish Your socks so much. Please.”

I love it when they beg.  And humiliate and punish their feet for my amusement.

IMG00563-20131216-2306 IMG00564-20131216-2306 IMG00565-20131216-2306 IMG00567-20131216-2307 IMG00568-20131216-2307 IMG00570-20131216-2308 IMG00571-20131216-2309 IMG00572-20131216-2309 IMG00573-20131216-2309 IMG00574-20131216-2309 IMG00575-20131216-2310 IMG00576-20131216-2310 IMG00577-20131216-2311

Just to clarify, I did get his permission to post these.

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