Wolf Out

Those guys from those shows with werewolves seem to be pretty sexy…

Colton Haynes
Colton Haynes 002 ColtonHaynesBarefoot_032

David Henrie. He’s not a werewolf on his show, but there was a werewolf on his show, so I’m going to count him.

Gregg Slukin, the guy who was the werewolf on the show (in the background, David Henrie in the foreground)


Dylan O’Brian

The current king of wolves, Tyler Posey.  He really needs to show his feet more often.
Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf s3 e1) 2 Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf s3 e1) Tyler Posey wiggling his feet tyler posey shirtless the exes

A few group shots from their Reflect It Back fundraiser.

001 002

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