There’s more to life

I think one thing that can sometimes make the kink community a little intimidating is that is seems there’s a lot of people who seem to center their entire lives around it.  Absolutely nothing wrong with that if that is what makes them happy.  But I imagine for most of us, it’s just not possible.

I love kink.  But really, it’s not what defines my life.  If I had to break my waking time down, I’d estimate:

  • 15% is spent on blog related work (creating posts, browsing pics, answering emails, twittering, etc.)
  • 30% is spent on my work/day job
  • 30% is spent with my BF
  • 15% is spent pursuing my non-kinky hobbies
  • 5% is spent just relaxing/vegging out/”me” time
  • 5% is spent with friends/family

So, really… kinky stuff only defines about 15% of my life.  That’s 85% of my life dedicated to other things.  Okay, some things with the BF are kinky, but perhaps surprisingly, not as much as you may expect.


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