TFG Exclusive: LatSub, Part 1–Service, Standing, and Chairtied

Got to meet up with a local, and found out he’s quite the good little slave.  After some initial discussion, we got right to some verbal play and humiliation.  And of course, bondage and abuse.

We began with a body inspection.  He stood tall, staring straight ahead, and I checked out his body.  First with his shirt on, then I ordered him to take off his shirt.  When I was satisfied, I put a dog chain collar on him and leash.  I sat in a chair, tugged on the leash, and he was told to get down on all fours. First he sniffed my shoes.  They and my socks had probably been worn for about 2-3 days, so there was stink about them.  He said he could smell it even with my shoes and socks on.

TFG-latsub (1).

I told him to remove my shoes and worship them.  He obeyed without question, like a good slave should.  Though I did “encourage” him by pressing his face further into my shoe while still wearing my old sock, and continual tugging and pulling on the leash.  Finally, I used his face as a footrest.

. TFG-latsub (2) TFG-latsub (3) TFG-latsub (4)

Then he was bound upright to a coatrack, and abused for my pleasure.  Restraints are from here, ball gag from Mr. S, and the blindfold is from Stockroom.  The clips were from a local discount store.  I like them because while they are large and intimidating, they are actually a relatively mild grip.  The collar is from a local pet store with a custom tag.

TFG-latsub (5) TFG-latsub (6) TFG-latsub (7) TFG-latsub (8) TFG-latsub (9) TFG-latsub (11) TFG-latsub (12)

He was told to clean out the bottom of that shoe with his tongue.  He licked quite a bit.  It was hot to see his head move up and down with each lick.

He’ll get a bit more undressed in Part 2 later on… as well as barefoot.  Guess you’ll have to wait another week, won’t you?

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