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There’s been quite a bit of gay news in the mainstream media lately, and I’d like to share my personal views on a few of them.  I hope you can leave a comment, but that still be having some technical issues, so if it doesn’t work, email me, and if I get enough responses, I can do a follow up post of reader feedback.

Sochi Olympics

It goes without saying that the current anti-gay laws in Russia are abhorrent.  But at the end of the day, I have to support our athletes who have trained and dedicated their lives to their passion.  They shouldn’t be punished because of an unfortunate choice of venue that was out of their control.  I think we need to give them as much support as possible, and separate their work from the host country’s laws.  I hope they do get to sneak in some protesting if they can and are comfortable doing so (and I love what Obama has done in sending an all gay greeting committee–that was a perfect call).  And Russia should be called out for their actions.  But don’t let it interfere with the athletes themselves.

On a side note, it does make me wonder about some of those gay Russian porn sites (of which some bondage ones have been coming to light).  It’s sort of implied that if they’re real, they’re literally putting their lives on the line.  That’s something to think about.

Duck Dynasty

To be honest, this is just not my sort of show, so I never really watch it anyway.  I think what he did say was revealing, and what’s not talked about as much is he said things that were very racially insensitive–even more so than homophobic, if you ask me.  Should he be allowed on the show?  While I don’t like his attitudes, I do have to admit he has a right to say them.  And at this point, I say let him, and let him reveal his ignorance on his own terms.

The rating of the show have been dipping anyway, although I personally don’t feel it’s necessarily due to this controversy.  I mainly think people are just getting tired of it, and suspect the ratings would have been down even if there had been no controversy.

post-12-0-67820200-139039443218 yo Porn Star Suspended from school

So it seems this cutie got suspended from his school when his gay porn career came to light at his high school.  He was over 18 at the time, so it was legal.  Basically, I feel the school had no business in the matter unless it was actually interfering with the school climate.  He did say he was being harassed somewhat by students, but the Principal allegedly claimed he was going to bring a firearm on campus, which seems to be false.  As far as I have found out, he did it to support his family, and his mother was actually grateful for him taking action.

I often do feel schools tend to exhibit a sense of dictatorship over how students behave, and it often overreaches in misguided ways.  For instance, stories you hear about a 4th grader being suspended because he made a gun shape with his hand and the school has a “zero tolerance” policy.  We need to remember that sometimes the best way for kids to learn is for them to let them make mistakes–personal experience can be the best instructor of all.

Another discussion on this topic is weather 18 year olds are really fit for porn at all.  As I once heard, age is not a year, but an attitude.  There are 18 year olds that are perfectly capable of handling it.  And there are older actors that are not.  Once they are legal in the eyes of the law, the decision has to come from themselves.  I would hope they would be aware of all the consequences of their actions.  Some do, and admittedly many don’t.  But it doesn’t mean there should be some sort of blanket policy for all aside from what the law already states.

Justin Bieber

Okay, he’s not gay that I know of.  But I lump him in here because his pics do show up on many gay sites, including mine.  Yet he also does seem to be a troubled guy with a lot of newsworthy behavior of late.  So many gay sites are reluctant to post pics of him.  To a certain degree, even I am, although I know I have in the past.  On a purely physical level, I do find him hot.  He has nice eyes, nice body, and nice feet.  But as a person… well, he does seem to be going down the wrong road, and I don’t really want to encourage that.  And his behavior is making him less attractive as a whole.

I may continue to post pics of him I find sexy, but I can imagine that may happen less and less often.  I do hope he gets some help.  It’s even more depressing, because this sort of thing has happened before with so many young celebrities.  But can you imagine how you would turn out if you had all that money, entourage, and the ability to do basically whatever you wanted in your teen years?  I doubt most of us would have turned out much better.


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