“Take a lick. It’s good…”

A long time ago, I was reading a story in Bound & Gagged magazine.  It described how a guy was tied up, at first only playfully, by his cousin.  But on one mock bondage session, it crossed a line, and the tied up guy found a cock teased in front of his face.  At first he tried to act as if it were gross, but the cousin was insistent, gently rubbed his cock against his lips, and said, “Take a lick.  It’s good.”  And he opened up and did.

I’ve never forgotten that.  Such innocent words, and they opened up such kinky times.  I know it was a cock, not feet, but I think those words would be just as powerful with a foot.  I imagine the scene may have looked a bit like these pics, where the foot worship looks almost accidental, or gently nudged into…

If this Feet Friday doesn’t get you hard, you just don’t have a foot fetish.  🙂

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