TFG Exclusive: LatSub, Part 3–Hogtied and Mummified

Further abuse for the LatSub.  He’s been begging me for more, so perhaps we’ll see more of him later on…

TFG-latsub (26)
I ordered him to have his feet play with my crotch. He complied.
TFG-latsub (25)

Finally, my favorite position:  hogtied.

TFG-latsub (28) TFG-latsub (29) TFG-latsub (30)

He was again ordered to clean out the bottom of his shoe.  I loved seeing his head move around, burying his face deep into his shoe, hearing him lap up his own foot funk.

TFG-latsub (31) TFG-latsub (32) TFG-latsub (33)

At this point, I needed to take a piss.  And since he was into piss play, I untied him, led him to the bathroom, ordered him to sit in the tub, and then pissed on him, dripping it all over his chest.  No pics of that for you, though.  I will say it was my first time to piss on someone, and I hope it won’t be my last.  He took it like a good slave should… without complaint.

He asked to remove his soaked underwear.  Normally I don’t allow that, but I took mercy on him.  But I did not allow him to clean up anything else, and with that, I mummified him in saran wrap.  So just know there is a layer of my piss baking underneath all that saran wrap…

TFG-latsub (34) TFG-latsub (35) TFG-latsub (36) TFG-latsub (37)

Hope you enjoyed!  He sure did, enough to ask for more.  Maybe we’ll see more of him again in the future…

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