TFG’s slave david

Here’s an old but fun exchange I had with pitful slave david.  We exchanged quite a few emails.  My texts are in italics.  (Note:  due to privacy, I’m only posting pics of his feet.  He did send me more, but did not want those posted.  But trust me… I saw quite a bit of him.)

Hey there Master, i hope you remember me, You posted on your blog my feet with clothespins on. i know You get a lots of e-mail but i would be
so happy to get some control again.

Kissing Your feet
You do so enjoy crawling back to me, don’t you?  I think you need to be punished rather severely, don’t you?

The next time you want to cum, you have to beg me for it, and get my
permission.  And I won’t likely give it unless I feel properly
appreciated and serviced.

Don’t forget to thank me for all this beautiful punishments you have to endure…

Master TFG

Yes Master, yes i deserve everything, please let me cum, please, please,
please, please, please, im begging you Master, i would do any pictures
for You, please my Master.

i don’t want to lie to you Master, I do my best in every tasks. Please, please, please, thank You Your Majesty.
If you are willing to take pics, I think you should put some clothespins or clips on your nipples, and send me a pic.

Sending them Master! it was the first time so it was very painful. Please, please let me cum Your Majesty, please.

I don’t think I’m done toying with you yet, my little slave pet.  After
all, you weren’t able to complete my original task.  I think you need to
endure at least one last punishment.  You will need to lap up some
water from the toilet.  Take a pic of the back of your head inside the
bowl, if you can.  If not, I guess you’ll just have to stick your entire
face in it.  And then your feet, one at a time.  Lick the water off
each foot.  And be thankful I’m not having you do this after you’ve taken a piss… yet.

Yes Master, i already did it Master, sending you pictures, will send the
foot ones a bit later and please, please, of course You still can
toying with me, just please, let me cum, oh please, please, i’m begging
You Master. Sir, Master, Majesty, my MAster, please.

Foot pictures here Master, licked them off please please please let me cum your Majesty.



Well done, slave. Of course, I’m still tempted to not have you cum. Just
because you’re a slave, and need to be kept in your place.

And I love that sure you got rock hard at just reading that. And that your pathetic cock is aching to shoot.

I think you should send me a pic of that hard cock of yours, and write
“Please let me cum” just above your public hair. Then maybe I’d consider it.
Yes Sir! i did it and even did some extra pictures, please let me cum. i want it really bad Master. i’m begging You!!!

Got this pic from him, as well as all the other pics I asked for, including his naked and pathetic cock.  But that’s for my eyes only.  😉

Listen you little worm, I contact you when I want to contact you.  Until then, you are just at my beck and call.

That said, I am fairly impressed with all the extra pics you provided for
me.  I still feel a bit tempted to not let you cum, because it does
entertain me to see you acting so pathetic.  How long have you ever gone
without cumming?  I mean, it’s only been a few days, slave.  We need to
work you up to at least a week.

If you must cum, you will have to suffer a bit to earn that privilege.   Find anything that you can tie
yourself up with:  a necktie, a shoelace, belt, twine, your socks,
etc.  Bind up your feet.  Wrap some rope around your wrists behind your
back as best you can.  Stuff a sock in your mouth, and tie it in place
if you can.  Watch at least 30 minutes of online video porn.  Don’t
touch your dick… just let it get hard and throb and ache.  Then, and
only after all that time of cock teasing, can you cum.

When you do shoot your load, you have two options.  1) shoot onto your chest.
Take a pic.  Rub it in all over, but don’t wash it off.  Let it dry and
cake on there, and leave it for as long as possible.  If you can, rub
your cum covered hands all over your face and leave that to dry
overnight.  More pics.  If not, lick your hands and suck your fingers to
wash them off.  2)  Shoot your load all over your foot.  Take a pic.
Then lick it clean.

I hope you appreciate this mercy I’m showing you, slave.



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