Reader Submission: Slave for Straights

I recently got a fun email from a reader who allowed me to share it with you (as anon).  I thought it was a pretty hot little story.  Hope you agree!


I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed YOUR blogg!!!! Sexy photos, sharing of real stories, likes, guidelines, advice etc. Wow, thanks!!!

I have realized that I am a slave in the making and I am teaching the straight guys I meet how to be my master . . . which is not too common. Perhaps YOU have some advice?

A normal session would be:
I invite them over for a drink and then put on straight porn for them. After a few drinks I get on the floor in front of them and touch their cock in their jeans. Then I massage their socked feet and lift them up to smell them. If they object, I tell them it is OK, I like it, they smell like a real man. Then they let me, so I take off their socks and smell them and put them into my mouth while they watch me. I lick their feet and toes and really taste their feet. The move stink the better for a faggot like me. Then I ask them to spit in my mouth. Some do, some don’t. It is difficult to get them to spit hard in my mouth and in my face, so their spit is dripping down my face. I open their jeans and take out their cock. I quickly force it down my throat and without talking I try to get them to push my head down on them. Make me gag and choke on a hard cock. When I finally come up, I open my mouth and they understand I want them to spit in my mouth and when they do I suck their cock so their spit is the lube helping my mouth to glide up and down. Before they come, I fetch a gray plate and tell them, when they want to cum, please shoot on the plate. They usually nod to show they understand. I remove their tee shirt and lick their arm pits, the sweatier the better. They I move from feet to arm pits, get spit, suck cock and lick their balls and nudge them forward or up so I can lick their ass (all are surprised and some let me and some say no) but I do not know any other way to let them know that I am a slave faggot and it was my pleasure to lick your entire body, even your ass. When he finally shoots his load, I compliment him and then I make him hold the plate for me and then I start to lick it up while he looks at me; to have a straight guy look me in the eye while I am eating his cum on a plate in front of him, is mind blowing!!! Unbelievable turn on for me. I have even had a guy, spit in my mouth in between me licking his cum from the plate, also wow the mixture of a straight guys cum and spit mixing in my mouth and sliding down my hungry throat . . . . . . while all this is great for a “cum, spit, sweat faggot bucket like me”, these guys are still not a real master that I dream of . . . you know , they are still in training . . . I need a man to show and prove his power over me, owning me, deciding over me, forcing me to obey, really humiliate me, use me for himself and/or his friend. When I find a master I this, I want him to show his ownership by pissing all over me and using me as a urinal; so all of his body fluids are filling my body.

“dirty slave for straight men”

He says he has other stories to share.  Would you like to hear them?


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