TFG Early Influences: XY Magazine

Only a couple of yeas after I started to realize I was gay (in my early 20s… I was a late bloomer, that may be another story one day), I somehow ran across the magazine XY.  Obviously, the very hot guy on the cover caught my eye.  I was starting to get tired flipping through my sister’s issues of Seventeen in an effort to find cute guys.  Here was a very glossy, professional looking magazine that was chock full of hot, young guys.  With lots of varied articles.  To be honest, I probably didn’t read a lot of them, but I did appreciate they were there, and that they were trying to cover a lot of aspects about being a gay guy.

xymag (2) xymag (3) xymag (4)

Actually, the letter in the pic above was quite touching… and while we’ve made a lot of progress since then, I’m sure there are plenty of guys who still feel this way.  (Feel free to click the pic to make it larger.)

As I recall, I had already bought some kink porn, but I had yet to buy vanilla porn.  This was the closest I came, and even this mag crossed over to kink territory often.  One of their main advertisers was Model Guys Feet (the leading site for twink foot fetish at the time), and they certainly didn’t shy away from showing guy’s feet.  Even Bound and Gagged didn’t show feet much, so this was my first time becoming aware of this as a separate fetish.  And they even hinted at bondage here and there.  So it really did have something for every budding gay male.

This guy in the pics below is someone I had a bit of a crush on.  I’m not embarrassed to say I jerked off to him, his feet, and his open mouth (imagining him going down on me with it) many times.

xymag (5) xymag (6)

The magazine didn’t last a super long time, maybe 3 years, with very intermittent publishing in it’s later years.  I couldn’t afford to subscribe at the time, but I probably bought about 4-5 issues, and while I only have 2 now, I still have some very vivid memories of them.