TFG Submission: Soleless Shoes

So I got this email recently, along with the pics.  He’s from Germany, so his English isn’t so good, but I think we can all still manage to understand and get off enough.  😉  Hope you enjoy his idea!  It’s not the first time I’ve seen it, but it does still impress me, and I do like the laces to keep the foot in place, yet still vulnerable.  Hot.

Hi! My name is Stefan, I’m 45 Years and I’m into Foottortur and many more as bottom. My greatest wish is, I must take a hard bastonade in a heavy Bondage or as Mummy. For hours and hours. Then I spend the night as mummy. In the morning I get the final basti, then my hands bound back and a string on my balls and we go walking in the woods.
But no one plays with me, so I “tuned up” my old footballshoes from Puma! Look self!
If you want to post this pics on your blog, I will be very happy to see my pics on your site! Your site is the best ever!
Greetings from good old germany!

Look closely in a couple of the pics, and you can see indentations on his feet where he’s tortured himself.  Very sexy…


TFG005 TFG004 TFG003 TFG002

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