Foot Fetishist Arrested

So a couple of weeks ago, this article appeared in my local paper.

In case you can’t access it, or it’s down by now, I’ll quickly summarize.  This article talks about how a guy at a roller skating rink got arrested for engaging in foot fetish play with over 200 young underage boys. Granted, most were decidedly younger than anyone ever posts in blogs I generally visit, but let’s remember that in the eyes of most laws, 9 years old, 12 years old, and “almost 18” but still 17 are all still considered underage, and would have the same penalties.

The guy accused is only 19 himself, but even so, he should know better. Courts seized his laptop and phone, the latter of which had videos of him and the underage boys. Imagine if he had links to certain sites, blogs, and tumblrs, and it was shown they often posted pics of underaged guys. Things could go downhill very quickly for those sites.

I do get bothered by sites, blogs, and tumblrs that routinely post pics of underaged guys.  Sometimes when a pic has no identifying marks, you just have to make a judgement call, or just decide not to post it at all.  But there are a few sites that post pics of guys that are clearly under 18.  It’s uncomfortable to me when that happens.  Not only on behalf of the person whose pic is posted, but also for the viewer who could get into legal trouble themselves if they should save that pic to their own computer without thinking.  These are real people in these pics, and just because they’re being passed around online doesn’t necessarily mean it was with their permission, and that the known age of the model is legal.  That’s part of the reason I like to leave tags on pics from credible sites; then you can be assured the models are of legal age.

I try very hard to be careful of every pic I post.  If anyone under the age of 18 has even been posted here, it has been a terrible accident, and please let me know immediately so I could take it down.  A good lesson to us to all to be careful what you post, and who you play with. It can matter.

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