TFG Thoughts: Depression in subs

So I’ve recently lost touch with a very close slave friend of mine.  Part of me wasn’t surprised… he was battling ongoing depression.  I did everything I could to support him, but dealing with his sometimes serve mood swings made things difficult.  I did my best, but this was a cyber slave, and there was only so much I can say online to help.  I think ultimately, I wasn’t able to do enough.  I still think of him often, and hope we can one day reconnect, because he was an amazing slave and a dear, dear friend that’d I’d grown to love over the years, despite his emotional situation.  We went through a lot together, and it still means something to me.

However, this has made me think a bit.  Depression is something that hits many gay men, myself included in my formative years.  Not all of us have supportive friends or family, and that can make things very tough emotionally.  I do remember another blog (which I’ve sadly forgotten the exact name) that chronicled the life in a 24/7 Master/slave relationship.  It was very open and candid, as well as frequently posting various tips about safe play.  And the sub was fairly open about depression and self-esteem issues.  If I recall, he may have even been on medication for them.  Ultimately, the Master had one affair too many, which was the only boundary the slave had set, and they ultimately broke up (it’s surmised) and dissolve the blog.

I suspect this is something more common that is typically discussed.  If you know of anyone, or have experienced it yourself as a slave, let me know.  Either leave a comment or  write me blow.  I’d like to know.


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