TFG’s New Cyber Slave, Part 1

So I got an interested email via my contact page some time ago.

From: Newbie

Subject: I need to submit

Message Body:

Hi Sir,

I would love to send you some pics of my feet, but I thought I should ask what you would like to see first. I saw some of the pics you posted on the blog recently, and can try to do that, but i was wondering if there was anything else you would like to see.

I’m mostly new to the feet scene, but have been interested in submitting to a guys feet for a while now.

Thank you Sir

He sent me a pic of his feet, where his toes were tied together and he written “TFG’s slave” on one sole, and “Prop. of TFG” on the other (which he asked me not to post). I was impressed, as I had not even asked him to write anything on his feet.  I asked him for more info. He replied:

As for myself, my name is [redacted], but if you would like to assign a humiliating name to me that would be fine Sir, otherwise I can come up with some sort of screen name. I’m 24 and a grad student. I’m 5’10” and 160 lbs. My feet are somewhat small, I normally wear 9.5s but sometimes I wear 10s. While I am pretty much a newbie in all realms of kink, I know that besides feet worship, I’m also interested in wam and bondage 🙂

Thanks again Sir

For those of you not into that kink, wam is Wet & Messy. I wanted to test his loyalty, so I ordered him to wear his socks for as long as possible. After a few days, I wondering how smelly they were getting… I got the sense he had never worn his socks for an extended period before.

Sir, they are definitely getting there. i’ve been wearing them for 5 days now, and am starting to worry that people will notice. It’s not that the scent is super strong yet, but there is definitely starting to be an odor coming from them. It’s humiliating to know that i must do this because i am Your little slave.

Thank You Sir.

I replied:

Glad to hear it, slave. I think you need to keep it up until at least the rest of this week.

I hope at the end of each day, you take a number of deep breaths of those socks. And as they become more and more rancid, you will descend more and more into being my little owned slave. And you will become more and more helpless.

His response:

Yes Master, what ever You say. They will stay on until the end of the week.

i have been deeply breathing their rank scent in, and with each whiff, i feel more and more pathetic and like You own me.


I like an obedient slave. You’re a good little bitch to serve a Superior Master like me, aren’t you?

Well, I’m going to raise the stakes a bit more. I’m actually going out of town on Saturday, and returning late Sunday night. No jerking off until I return and give you permission to cum. Because if I own you, I guess I own that cock of your too, don’t I?

Of course, you will still breathe in your socks nightly until told otherwise. Rub them into your face, so that you’ll have your sockstink all over your face all night long. I’ll want a pic of those filthy socks, preferably on your feet.

I am enjoying making you my slave, and to humiliate you further…


Yes Master, i am but a little bitch whose only purpose is to serve You.

Ah, Master, that will be tough not to cum, but You are in charge so i will refrain from jerking off until You tell me so.

Yes my socks are getting worse, but i will continue to smother my face with their rank stink and will send You a pic tomorrow. You may not see any signs of wear because they aren’t just plain white socks, but they definitely smell.

Thank you Master for continuing my degradation and i look forward to being humiliated by You further.

This is obviously just the beginning. After I while, I do give him a name. But I think I’ll need to share with you more of what I had him go through first… as well as a little surprise about this footbitch.  Stay tuned…


Want to read more?  Follow up with Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

Note:  this is being shared with his permission.



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