TFG: Early Signs

Sometimes there are incidents in your life that are a sign of things to come.

I was a late bloomer, in that I didn’t fully realize/self-acknowledge I was gay until college.  I actually had a slightly better grasp on kink, in that I knew I was intrigued by bondage and feet, though I didn’t really know why.

That said, I do recall a funny and perhaps now telling small incident I had in high school.

In my 6th period class, I always brought these fruit snacks with me.  This guy next to me, a fairly cute guy, would always ask me for some.  Since he was cute, and I had plenty to go around, I let him.  This basically became a daily occurrence.

For some reason, one day, I got it in my head that I wanted him to work a little harder for them.  I said, “You’ll have to beg.”  His eyes went wide.  He thought I was kidding.  At first, even I probably was.  But I held my ground.  He didn’t beg, but tried again the next day.  I replied the same, and denied him.  As this went on, it began to escalate a bit, and I told him he’d have to get down on his knees and beg.

And you know what?  He eventually did it.  And like a good Master, I rewarded him with the fruit snack.

It was more in a humorous light than a kinky one, but I still recall that moment as if it happened yesterday, and the small rush of power I felt, even at the time.  Foreshadowing, indeed…


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