TFG’s New Cyber Slave, Part 2

As we last left our new pathetic cyber slave, I had forbid him from cumming I gave him permission to do so.  I had also ordered him to wear the same pair of socks for a number of days.  The following are our email exchanges.  (Keep in mind I did edit out some personal information, and some non-kinky talk, which did include making sure I was respecting his limits.)  His are in the quote boxes, and mine are in italics.

Master, i hope you enjoyed the photo of my feet in their nasty, rank socks…i am wearing them right now, although i would love to wear some other ones.

i beg you Sir to let me jerk off…i don’t know how much longer i will be able to hold off.

i am ready to accept any punishment, as i so rightly deserve it…please Sir do what You must


Fine, you whiny little bitch. But of course, you know a price will need to be paid. While I did say I’d get back to you after my trip, you promised pics by the next day. That did not happen. Ergo, you will be punished.

First, however, a few conditions. First, you will stuff one of those very gay looking socks into your mouth [They were light and dark pink stripes –TFG], and hold it in play with your hand. And you will take the other sock and cover you nose with it and your other hand.

Sadly, that does leave you without any other hands to jerk off, doesn’t it? Well, you will have to remain like that for 10 minutes. Naked expect for those socks covered by your hands over your mouth and nose. You will breathe them in and taste me in your throat, moan like a little bitch, and know I own you and you can’t do anything about it. Only then, after the 10 minutes will you thank me aloud (with the sock still in your mouth), and then have permission to jerk off.

But I’m not done with you yet, slave. As for your punishment, when you do finally cum (and thank me for the privilege), you will wipe it up with your socks. You will then stuff those socks in your mouth again to wash and suck them clean. Suck the cum out of them as much as you can. And then, guess what? Wear them for one more day. Like the foot slave slut you are.

Then, and only then, can you wear a new pair.

Hope you enjoy, bitch.

And I’ve been thinking of a name. We’ll see how this goes, and then I may christen you…


Thank You Master…i deserve that punishment. You are right, of course…i did say i would have pics the next day…how stupid of me to lie to you

i did exactly as you ordered me….i peeled my nasty socks off and stuffed one in my mouth while covering my nose with the other. the stench was almost too much and i gagged on the sock a few times…what a weakling i am

ten minutes went by excruciatingly slow, but it was finally time. after some moaning as if i was smelling Your socks, i thanked You through my gagged pathetic mouth and began to jack off

it was complete bliss, but i also dreaded cumming as i knew what would happen once i did….

finally that moment of ecstasy came and i came on my socks…i couldn’t believe how much was coming out! and was horrified that this would go in my mouth….but i did as you asked and begrudgingly stuffed the socks in my mouth, continuously gagging until they were clean…

i do not look forward to wearing them tomorrow but am thankful that i have such a generous and caring Master that allows me new socks tmw.

Thanks Sir


Excellent, slave. You deserve every punishment you get, don’t you?

Your patheticness and weakness get me off. I loved hearing that you gagged on the stench of your own socks. Consider that just a prelude. My own socks can get rank. Like putrid. You’ll be gagging, alright. But you’ll also love it and beg for more.

Tell me what it was like to wear those stinking, smelly, crusty, cum and saliva soaked socks. You must have been totally humiliated.

When you are ready to be Dominated again, slave, you beg me and let me know. I think I have many plans for you to put you in your place…


Yes i do Master…if this was only the beginning, i shudder to think what You have in store!

It was completely gross to have to wear those crusty socks all day, i kept getting nervous that their smell would be noticed. Knowing You were making me wear those nasty socks was almost too much Sir.

it is pretty pathetic that i struggled in such a short time…

i’m hesitant to email You again so soon, but i know i need to be put in my place…
so here i am Master, begging You to please continue to degrade me. I am but a worthless little slave that needs an awesome Master like You to dominate me….


Yes, you are right… you completely deserved to be treated as the lowly slave you are. Really, you should be thankful I gave you the privilege to serve and entertain me in the manner you have.

Because of my work schedule, I may not be able to give you another full task until the weekend. However, in the meantime, I don’t want you to feel neglected. Before you shower or bathe, I want you to piss on yourself. On your chest, feet, and legs. Feel the warmth drip down you and know that you are about the same worth as a toilet. As you become accustomed to it, wipe it to the rest of your body. As time progresses, include your face. And eventually lick your hands clean after wiping piss all over your body.

You know you have no choice but to obey, boi.

And I have been thinking of a possible name for you. But I think I want to tease you for a while longer, to make sure you’re worthy of it…


This has all been pretty hot, right?  In my next installment, he deals with his first taste of piss play.  And then I ask him some personal questions that have some surprising answers–but that will have to wait until later.  In fact, for maybe a couple of weeks, as I have other exciting material to present.  But we will return to this, so this slave can complete his public humiliation…



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