Short Break

Okay, I know I’ve said this before, but this time I mean it.  Due to some personal issues (not bad ones, fortunately, but ones that will keep me very busy while I sort them out), I will be taking this week off.  I plan to return sometime during next week (May 19), but I’m not exactly sure which day yet.

But don’t worry, I will be back.  And I when I do return, I have some amazing, exclusive content coming up, including more about my new cyber slave (so far here and here), pics from a recent play session, and an interview with a fellow internet “sole”-ebrity.

If you are feeling like you’re missing out, feel free to check out my archives.  The last month of April in particular had some very hot postings, and chances are you may have missed a few here or there.  Or go a few years back, if you like!  This blog started back in 2005 (click here and scroll down a bit to read about how this all started), with daily posting kicking in around 2010.  My how the time flies!

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