Cults of worship

Been gone for a while, I know.  I had to prioritize some real life, non-kink events.  The outcomes were all good, but to a certain degree, I’m still sort of recovering from them.  So posting may still be off and on while I get fully settled in.  But I do have a lot of great stuff coming up, so definitely stick around!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my slave punished.  And many of you have been contacting me wanting to be “owned” by me since I’ve began posting about my latest cyberslave .  I nearly have more cyber slaves than I can handle, but I do love seeing hot young men tortured as I see fit, so I’ll find a way somehow.  I’m sure I’ll be sharing many of them with you, as most have given me at least some permission to post about a few of their adventures and pics they’ve sent to please me.  By the way, I’ll be continuing my adventures with him this Saturday.  Two more parts to go!

In the meantime, since I’ve been away for a while, why not have a whole group of people worshiping feet, shoes, and socks?  The more the merrier.  And stinkier.

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