TFG’s New Cyber Slave, Part 3

So in an effort to get to know this new slave better, I asked him a number of questions, both kinky and personal.  I won’t post all of his responses here, and I will edit a bit, but some parts that are interesting to share:

When asked about his ultimate fantasy scene:

Haven’t thought too much about my ultimate fantasy scene, but it would prob start with being forced to worship someone’s feet and socks, then tied spreadeagle to the bed and having feet/socks in my face or a shoe taped over my nose, while someone abuses my body, with like closthespins, light whipping/cbt, and maybe being edged (but it doesn’t realy have to include that). then if i could top it all off, i’d love to be tied to a chair, hand behind my back, while someone pies and slimes me and then destroys my hair with sticky stuff, like honey, etc. and as a punishment i’d love to be gunged with gross stuff i hate like cheese/beans, etc.

And the info that’s really going to blow you all away:

i do not identify as gay, i consider myself straight (and just have this desire to be dominated by a man; not for the sexual reasons and more for control)

Yes, this pathetic and worthless slave of mine considers himself straight.  It doesn’t get much more humiliating than that for him, does it?  And I’m only happy to accommodate him.

Now, as well all recall, he was left off with orders to piss himself.  As before, his responses are in the quote boxes, and mine are in italics.  Also, I have edited out some of the bits where were discussed non-kinky topics and limits.

i’m trying to grow accustomed to the showers, Sir, but it seems to be a slow, gross process.
Just wait until you’ll be swallowing that piss, boi.

I do want reports on how the pissing is going, slave.  When you get to the point when you’re able to lick piss off your body, you let me know.  Because we do have to toilet train you.  Once you succeed in that, we can work on your feet again.
Sir, not sure if i’ll be able to swallow it…
i would love for you to help with my fantasies! Yea, cleaning up is the annoying part of it! haha

Yea, i’m pretty comfortable with who i am (probably thanks to really open-minded parents, i was able to do anything growing up)…that being said, i don’ have a problem with any names you call me, as i know it’s just for the scene

i’ve continued to piss on myself, but that’s about as far as it’s gotten. i am very sorry Master. i doubt that i will be able to be toilet trained (may be a light limit). but i will continue to do my best to please You!

Even though being toiled trained may be a light limit for you, I’m pleased that I got you to piss on yourself at all.  As one final piss torment, I want you to piss in your underwear, to humiliate you.  Send me a pic of it.  And then thank me for not making you take them off and put them in your mouth.

Thank You Master for being so understanding about the piss situation. Yes, it’s been humiliating to piss on myself, but i know i had to do it for You. As much as i was reluctant to piss in my underwear, i knew i had to do it for You. i just let my full bladder go and felt sooo embarrassed. It was warm and nasty and just humiliating. Thank You so much Sir, for not making me gag myself with these nasty, piss-stained briefs, You are so merciful! Then, as a tribute to You Sir, i took them off and put them on my head, with the piss right in front.

Thank You Sir.

Damn, you are a bigger bitch slave than I gave you credit for.  That must have been totally humiliating to put your piss-soaked underwear on your head like that… that piss stink entering your nose against your will.  You’re totally pathetic.

I think I need to get you started on a new bodily fluid:  spit.  Experiment with the following:

  • Drool on yourself.
  • Spit into a glass repeatedly.  Then drink it.
  • Spit onto your underwear as you get dressed.  Wear them with the spit stain on it all day.
  • Spit into your hand and rub it in your hair.  Sleep with it in.
  • Spit into your hand in the morning.  Rub it under your nose, around your mouth.  Don’t wash it off all day.
  • In the evening, spit onto your foot.  Get it wet and drenched.  Then rub that spit covered foot on your face.  Leave it like that overnight.
And later know that if we ever met, one of the first things I’d do is order you to your knees and spit into your face.  So you’d better start getting used to it, and liking it.  Bitch boi.

I want reports…

Yes Sir, i’m glad you appreciate what i did, as it was utterly disgusting.

Spit is also disgusting, but it’s better than the alternative, so of course i’ve been doing as you instructed Sir.
Whenever i’m alone, i drool on myself, letting the saliva drip down my chin is so humiliating.
i’ve been making spit cocktails and they have gone done, slowly, but i drink them :/
i spit into my underwear too, just thinking about the stain in them right now is humiliating and reminds me that You’re in charge.
i feel so stupid and gross when i rub that spit into my hair before i go to bed, but it’s definitely not as bad as drenching my foot in spit and covering my face with it and leaving it that way…that one is by far the worst, Sir, but i know i must obey.

i hope that we do meet if You are ever near [me], and of course i will obey and get on my knees with my slave face ready for Your nasty spit.
Thanks Sir

Good.  You are going to keep this up until Wednesday.  That’ll be a full week.  If you skipped days, add them back in until you’ve completed your time.  You know I’ll want a pic, especially of your spit stained underwear.  Because I am in charge.  I’m the boss, and you’re a pathetic and worthless slave who does my bidding.

I’ll have another task for you shortly, once I get your pic.

Ok Sir, i will continue to degradingly spit on myself until tomorrow. i will be glad when i don’t have to think about the disgusting saliva that is all over my face/hair/body anymore. It may be hard to see, but i’m attaching a pic of my spit stained underwear, how humiliating 🙁

He did send me a pic, but that’s for my eyes only.  It’s fun having a straight slave, isn’t it?  But I’m still not done with him yet.  And I have yet to name him yet…


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