Month: June 2014

Blog tech updates

Did a bit of work, and I updated and created a few categories and tags.

The category “Exclusive” now contains all original content that was posted on this blog.  That includes any pics of myself, my work, and some reader submissions, as well as original stories.

The tag “influences” contains all my posts about my early life and events that helped shape my kinky life.

Finally, the tag “straight” contains real life straight guys who have written me or submitted pics.  There’s starting to be quite a few of them!

All cateories and tags can be found at the right sidebar.  Categories are listed by bullet points, and tag are underneath them in alphabetical cloud form.


I’ll be leaving this up as a sticky all week.  Please scroll down for the regular updates!


Slave TL

Slave TL

Ever since I posted about my many cyber slaves, I’ve been getting many, many requests from other bois would would like to be Domed.  One of the more eager ones has been TL.

Got this email, and the pics below.  The header pic is his as well.

Hi Sir!! I read your post about the cyber slave you picked up and it was just so hot and thrilling that it encouraged me to reach out to you and try to get the same treatment! Haha
I’m 20 years old, Asian with a slim toned body, 5’7 and 132 lbs with size 10 feet. I’m pretty new to all this still but I have a deep fetish for rank sneakers and boots along with the socks housed inside them and just a love of the kinky side of life in general 🙂 and was hoping you’d help this boy become the best slave it could be.

cyberslave (1) cyberslave (3) cyberslave (4)

Sadly, I have been so busy, I haven’t had the time to properly punish TL in the way he deserves.  In the meantime, though, I have put TL through his paces a bit, forcing him to smell, lick, and clean his own shoes.  He’s not every really that into feet, so this was particularly humiliating for him.  (For the record, he did allow me to post face pics of him.)

IMG_20140603_020407_394 IMG_20140603_020710_705 IMG_20140603_021006_893 IMG_20140603_021040_085 IMG_20140603_103218_827 IMG_20140603_145257_489 IMG_20140603_145320_515 IMG_20140603_145425_690 IMG_20140603_162305_670 IMG_20140603_162328_388 IMG_20140603_162354_402

What a good little slave boi, don’t you think?  I’ll have to return to punishing him again soon…



TFG Exclusive:  DBB87, Part 3

TFG Exclusive: DBB87, Part 3

Finally got this slave hogtied.

TFG-DBB87 (22) TFG-DBB87 (21) TFG-DBB87 (20)

He was really quite grossed out by my feet and their smell.  So naturally I had to make him appreciate and kiss them more.

TFG-DBB87 (23) TFG-DBB87 (24) TFG-DBB87 (26) TFG-DBB87 (27)

Oh, did I mention he was also extremely ticklish?  I had a good time tormenting him with that as well, with his hands bound to his ankles, and a very humiliating gag in his mouth.

TFG-DBB87 (28) TFG-DBB87 (30)

Lastly, I had him tied to a chair, and tormented him a few more times with my foot.  He learned to kiss it, whether he liked it or not.  He didn’t.

TFG-DBB87 (34) TFG-DBB87 (35)

There were some other sensory and vibrator play that ended up with him having quite a good time.  Hope you enjoyed as much as I did!  All these pics were posted with his permission.  Remember, you can find Part 2 and Part 1 by clicking the links.

Gear used:

Dirty Feet

Dirty Feet

Something a little different for today’s #feetfriday.  To be honest, I’m not all that into dirty feet.  But I know a few of you are, so this is for you.  Most of these pics are from one guy that I once had the opportunity to play with a long time ago, and am trying to get together with again.  The last few pics are of his soleless Converse shoes, so he can get away with being barefoot in public.  This makes the 3rd pair of shoes like that that I know off.  You kinky fuckers!

1016374_1376549409279277_214970376_n 1604558_1379617505639134_1254321382_n 1618520_1376549339279284_1004675950_n 1653982_1382699738664244_89057667_n 1890991_1379617482305803_1265695847_n BSwSt3PIYAA_17_.jpg large21_5915320222_fabbfd4472_b IMAG0496

Here’s the sole less Converse I promised.  Very hot.

1622067_1379617938972424_1856291407_n 1560660_1379618005639084_978706098_n

His screen name is Pacset.  Hot guy, and hot feet, as you can see.

And since I don’t get my own feet dirty too often, I thought I’d include a couple of pics of mine.  Not as dirty as his, but it’s about as dirty as mine ever get!

Photo May 17, 11 39 20 PM Photo May 17, 11 39 34 PM

Tickled Hard

Tickled Hard

I’m not into being tickled, but I do enjoy tickling others.  I mean, who doesn’t want to see a boy writhe, squirm, and beg for mercy?  Even better that many guys are ticklish on their feet (although, surprisingly, I personally am not).

I recently ran into a site called, and they have a lot of pretty hot preview pics and sample videos.  Surprisingly, they don’t seem to tag their pics (they may want to get on that), but I did want to give them credit.  I am not currently an affiliate of this site (though if the site owners would like me to, please contact me), so I’m currently not receiving any monetary compensation from their for sending anyone their way.  I just thought many of you would be interested.  All the pics below are from them and the many free preview pics they allow you to sample.

09 11 17 21 22 13 14

These last few pics are not from them, but since I was on a tickling kick, I thought I’d post them as well.

tumblr_n3w3t7jzVZ1rdlsv8o1_1280 tumblr_n3w3t7jzVZ1rdlsv8o2_1280 tumblr_n511fcxfA41so34pto1_1280 BosAHt_CYAAMiD_.png large

And of course, you can’t miss my now famous post where I managed to get two ticklish twinks tied together.  No lie!  See Part 3 here (it also has links to Part 1 & 2 inside the post).

Dance Academy guys

Dance Academy guys

I found this show quite by accident, and let me tell you, these guys are hot.  Okay, so it’s meant for teens.  It’s still a guilty pleasure.  For a dance show, the cast is not nearly barefoot often enough, but still nice to look at.  They definitely get shirtless a lot, at least, so I think this show knows exactly what it’s doing.  And they all have very sexy eyes, smiles, and lithe bodies.  A winning combination to me.

Cast members include Jordan Rodriguez, Tom Green (who had a crush on Jordan’s character, where he fantasized they kissed… the header pic above–although Jordan’s character is straight), and Thomas Lacey.

If you’re a sucker like me and want to see their sweet and melodramatic, but still touching, storyline, many YouTube videos have it.  Just search for “gay dance academy”.  I don’t want to do any spoilers, but sadly, one of these cast members is no longer on the show.

35179_141923422490705_7371579_n 35837_141364392546608_5458670_n 1526842_881083375241369_1332592685858024707_n 10009792_835606703122370_1691539333_n 10013004_847089965307377_4350558982627920343_n 10341549_864944346855272_2278250916238414655_n467034f49aa495e3112729cea8a693a6 dance-academy-sammy-pictures-4 eyetvsnapshot576

I’ve seen the first two seasons, and though I know season 3 (the final season) is airing in Australia, it’s yet to air in the USA.  So no spoilers!  Though I have already heard there is a streaking incident early on.  🙂

Super Sexy Text

Super Sexy Text

So I’m hoping to meet up with a hot little twink in the near-ish future.  I told him that he should “start stinking up these socks and feet for me already.  Keep ’em unwashed in a ziplock.”

His reply?

Already? You asked for it! 😉 I’ve been running in the same pair of white cotton socks for a few days now. I’ll keep using em and zip them up tight between uses. Your cock is gonna be rock hard when you peel my shoes off. The strong aroma will hit your nose immediately… I can’t wait to be under your control though. Have you tease my body and milk my cock, wiggling your socked toes in front of me while I precum and fantasize about you.

Well damn… make me hard as a rock.  And when he sent this, there was still at least two weeks to go until possibly meeting, so those socks and feet should be nice and ripe.  His body is the header pic above.  And to be honest, I’ve met him before… so I know that pic is accurate.  Lucky me, eh?  Even if this meet doesn’t work out, that made me pretty happy.