Day: June 1, 2014

Another “Faggot” post

So I’m mentioned my thoughts on the word “faggot” many times before.  And I recently came across a great quote that ideally describes my attitudes about it:

I’m just huge into degradation in the bedroom. If I’m not dominating you – you need to be dominating me. Mouth covering while pounding. Calling my partner a faggot while he looks up at me sucking my cock. I’m not a sexual romantic and it’s my policy the F word is made for the bedroom only.

That last line really sums up my thoughts–“the F word is made for the bedroom only.”  Who said this?  Believe it or not, but  it was from Chris Crocker.  For those who don’t recognize the name, he was most infamous for the “Leave Brittney alone!” video.  He’s now become an adult entertainer, and was interviewed at Gay Demon.  I actually think he’s turned out pretty damn cute, and does have some pretty hot feet.  You read the entire article here.

That said, I know many people still don’t agree. I just ran across this vlog entry from the amazing Leather.Bondage.Love blog where he discusses not only how much he dislikes the word, but also rants a bit about elitist attitudes in the bondage community.  That’s a whole ‘nother topic, and he is pretty harsh about it, but I generally agree with most of his points.  Plus, you get to see his very, very sexy foot at the end of the vid as a bonus.

Still, since this blog focuses on bedroom-style content, I will use it here from time to time, and keeping in mind that it’s in that context, I’m perfectly fine with it.  I won’t go over the top, but I do find it hot when used in those terms.  But outside the bedroom, though–no.

Who knew Chris Crocker would put my thoughts so succinctly?