TFG’s New Cyber Slave, Part 4

We did have a small break before our next set of email exchanges.

So I’ve still been pretty busy (as I’m sure you have), but I haven’t forgotten you.  I have a longer term task for you, but I thought instead I’d give you a one time task you can do when you have time… and it’s semi-gunge related.  It also allows you to cum, which is a rare privilege and treat for me, as I usually prefer to have my slaves be chaste.

Buy a pack of twinkies, the basic individual “two in a single package” one.  One you will stuff down your underwear and smash it up.  The other you will cram into your mouth all at once, effectively gagging you.  Feel free to smear it all over your mouth and face as you do so.  And before cleaning any of it up, jerk off with all the cream from the smashed twinkie down your pants.  If it’s not enough, reach into your mouth and grab some more.

I will want pics of some sort.  I’d love to see the twinkie smashed and stained underwear, and maybe a close up of your filled mouth.

Enjoy, bitch.


No problem Sir, we’re both busy people, so i don’t mind being neglected 🙂
Thank you for a semi-gunge task, as soon as i read the email, i couldn’t stop thinking about it haha

i bought the twinkies and did as you said. Smooshing that twinkie around my crotch in my underwear felt so gross and embarrassing. Then the most humiliating was stuffing the other one in my mouth to gag me. i wiped some cream around it to make it a bit messier. as i jerked off i kept thinking how it was fun getting messy, but i still felt so pathetic as i jerked off with a twinkie covered crotch and filled mouth. i hope you enjoy the pics.
i’m apprehensive about hearing my next task, hopefully it won’t be too horrible!

Thanks Sir.

I thought you would enjoy it.  I enjoyed seeing your pathetic and worthless face and crotch decimated with twinkie cream.  [Note:  The pics he sent were for my eyes only.  But you can trust me that I saw them, and they were hot.]  Rest assured if we meet in person, you’d be lying on your back, holding a twinkie in your open mouth, and I’d shove it in with my toes and feet and have you lick it clean like the bitch slave you are.

I think I may wait a bit longer before I give you the next task, to increase your torment and make you more apprehensive.  But rest assured… you will be put in your place, and I will enjoy lording my superior power over you.<

Please Sir, don’t wait too long to give me the next task, You’ve piqued my curiosity, and now i’m getting nervous about being put in my place
Of course you would gladly clean my feet.  It’s what a bitch male slave like yourself is good for.

As you know, I generally feel slaves shouldn’t have the option to masturbate when they want.  But I am feeling a bit generous.  You may continue to masturbate as much as you like.  However, for the rest of this week, everytime you do, you must rub the load into your chest, let it dry, and leave it there unwashed for a day.  You’ll feel it crust over, and know you are a totally pathetic piece of meat, and no more.  I think I may need a pic of the dried load on your skin.I think I may have your slave name… but you’ll have to earn it and satisfy me to know it.  And we’ll be starting with the clothespins.  And we will begin with your straight, useless nipples.  One on each.  For 10 minutes.  And I’ll want a pic, of course.  Also let me know how many you have, so I plan on how to abuse you with them.

Then, to be perfectly honest, we entered a fairly long exchange of “equal” emails, where we discussed some non-kinky details about each other, as well as our scheduling.  It turns out his committment to school would be making it difficult to continue many tasks for the time being, but we did leave on a few slave notes.

Just knowing i’ll be humiliated on the blog like that gives me a great feeling of humiliation.Thank You Sir for giving me the freedom to do as a i please, tho i don’t deserve it. Although, i am actually trying to cut down greatly for the next month or so…just to test my self-endurance, we’ll see how it goes.
Please Sir, tell me my name, i am begging You! My nipples are still sore from the clothespins, attached is a pic. [For my eyes only, though–TFG]
Thanks Sir.

I’m glad you’re trying to test your self-endurance.  But part of me says enjoy cumming as much as you can for now… because part of your upcoming long term task will involve being chaste.  For an extended period.  So shoot those loads, and then wipe them on your body to dry.  You know I want you to wipe a load on your feet, or just shoot onto your feet.  I’d love to see a pic of you cum on your feet, and then knowing you have to rub it in and walk on your cum all day long.  Another time, run them on to your nipples.  And finally, rub it all over your cock and balls.  Should be fun after you’ve already cum.  And if you cum more, you’ll have to continually think of new places to let your cum dry.As for your name… I suppose I’ve kept you waiting long enough.  Your full name will be PAW_ss.  You may initially think it has to do with pup play.  While I do think of you as subhuman, that isn’t all of it.  It’s mainly an acronym.  Pathetic And Worthless straight slave.  I don’t have to tell you it’s also a homophone for “pause”, as in your real life is on pause when you service me, your Master.  Because I am more important.  Although I’m sure I’ll often call you PAW for short, but we both know your full name.  Don’t we, male bitch?

In honor of your naming, when you shoot all those loads I talked about above, you’ll have to do them with clothespins on your body.  I think you should put clothespins between your toes when you shoot on your feet, put some on your balls and/or inner thighs when you cream your nipples.  And most agonizing… put some on your lips and tongue for your cock and balls.  Any further cumming, think of new places:  armpits, ears, toes, soles, face, etc.

Unfortunately, not long after the naming, his schedule got very tough, as we knew it would be.  So it seems PAW_ss is on a small pause for the summer.  But I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from him in time.  However, there have been many, many more slaves inspired by this story, and I’ve been Doming quite a few of them.  One in particular has been quite impressive, and I will definitely be sharing more about him later.

On a side note, I do have to say these stories have encourage quite a number of slaves to write me and beg to be dominated, as well as from other straight guys who say this is appealing to them.  I’m definitely curious to hear from more straight guys, whether you wish to be Domed, or just want to talk about it with me privately or perhaps educate us with a blog post.  Contact me!

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