Day: June 14, 2014

TFG Exclusive:  DBB87, Part 1

TFG Exclusive: DBB87, Part 1

I told you I had some good stuff coming.  Here’s just the beginning.  I recently got to work with a new slave that goes by the name DBB87. He was actually quite a bit taller than me, so that was interesting. But my reeking feet can bring down any guy.

I started by putting him in “storage”.

TFG-DBB87 (2) TFG-DBB87 (3)


He was then christened with my collar and leash, and instructed to worship my shoes, socks, feet, and crotch.

TFG-DBB87 (5) TFG-DBB87 (6) TFG-DBB87 (7) TFG-DBB87 (8)

As you can see, he needed a bit of encouragement to breathe in my shoes.

TFG-DBB87 (9)


Finally, I used him as my personal footrest.

TFG-DBB87 (10)

But I certainly wasn’t done with him yet…

Gear used:

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