Day: June 21, 2014

TFG Exclusive:  DBB87, Part 2

TFG Exclusive: DBB87, Part 2

We continue with him paying close attention to my feet.  He didn’t even really have a foot fetish, but he did like being humiliated, and he found that smelling my rank feet is quite humiliating indeed.

TFG-DBB87 (11) TFG-DBB87 (13)

This is probably my favorite pic. I love seeing his face being used as a footrest.

TFG-DBB87 (12)

After, I had him strip off his top shirt and get him spread-eagled.  Of course, I wasn’t quite done with him smelling feet–his own socks or my shoes.

TFG-DBB87 (15) TFG-DBB87 (16)


Oddly enough, I am honestly not much of a size queen when it comes to feet.  However, his size 13s were pretty awesome, and practically swallowed up my face when I licked them.  He had never had his feet licked before, and he enjoyed it quite a bit.

TFG-DBB87 (17) TFG-DBB87 (18) TFG-DBB87 (19)

Still not done tormenting him yet, though… one final part to cum…

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