Super Sexy Text

So I’m hoping to meet up with a hot little twink in the near-ish future.  I told him that he should “start stinking up these socks and feet for me already.  Keep ’em unwashed in a ziplock.”

His reply?

Already? You asked for it! 😉 I’ve been running in the same pair of white cotton socks for a few days now. I’ll keep using em and zip them up tight between uses. Your cock is gonna be rock hard when you peel my shoes off. The strong aroma will hit your nose immediately… I can’t wait to be under your control though. Have you tease my body and milk my cock, wiggling your socked toes in front of me while I precum and fantasize about you.

Well damn… make me hard as a rock.  And when he sent this, there was still at least two weeks to go until possibly meeting, so those socks and feet should be nice and ripe.  His body is the header pic above.  And to be honest, I’ve met him before… so I know that pic is accurate.  Lucky me, eh?  Even if this meet doesn’t work out, that made me pretty happy.



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