Tickled Hard

I’m not into being tickled, but I do enjoy tickling others.  I mean, who doesn’t want to see a boy writhe, squirm, and beg for mercy?  Even better that many guys are ticklish on their feet (although, surprisingly, I personally am not).

I recently ran into a site called TickledHard.com, and they have a lot of pretty hot preview pics and sample videos.  Surprisingly, they don’t seem to tag their pics (they may want to get on that), but I did want to give them credit.  I am not currently an affiliate of this site (though if the site owners would like me to, please contact me), so I’m currently not receiving any monetary compensation from their for sending anyone their way.  I just thought many of you would be interested.  All the pics below are from them and the many free preview pics they allow you to sample.

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These last few pics are not from them, but since I was on a tickling kick, I thought I’d post them as well.

tumblr_n3w3t7jzVZ1rdlsv8o1_1280 tumblr_n3w3t7jzVZ1rdlsv8o2_1280 tumblr_n511fcxfA41so34pto1_1280 BosAHt_CYAAMiD_.png large

And of course, you can’t miss my now famous post where I managed to get two ticklish twinks tied together.  No lie!  See Part 3 here (it also has links to Part 1 & 2 inside the post).

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